Wow!! Crap Master N The Servants!

Just came back from a friend’s wedding at Johor. Tired, and feeling sick and disgusted after reading this just while ago.

‘PM Abdullah Badawi today said the BERSIH rally was an attempt to “trap” the Yang DiPertuan Agong and to drag royalty into politics.

He also made an oblique reminder to the Agong. Quote Star Online:

“I believe the King is mature, and the royalty will not be trapped into their (the opposition’s) politics,” he said after opening the 22nd Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) congress here on Sunday.’

What say you? I think he’s a bit over in his statement there… And this comment by a reader in a blog caught my attention.

“The rakyat know all this and yet are willing to go ahead – he must ask himself why. After all, he said he is for all of them.

They have no choice. They’re tired of all the sandiwaras, medicine-man doublespeaks, shenanigans, deflections, and one-bald-reason followed by another.

He should ask himself and his ilk one basic question – if he is so equally keen that the election process be fair and square, he should make sure that all avenues be laid open for the rakyat, no matter who they are, big or small, to make representation in whichever they think is right, to whomsoever they think can do something to improve matters.

He refers to you know who..

And apparently regarding the BERSIH Nov 10 rally, our ‘independent’ dailies reported :

The Star :

Headline: Road closures, checks cause massive jams in Klang Valley

Several roads in the city centre were temporarily closed, resulting in massive traffic jams in the Klang Valley yesterday.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said the police were forced to use teargas and water cannons because the marchers refused to disperse when instructed to do so at 2.30pm. He put their number at 4,000.

The NST :

Headline: Illegal gathering causes traffic chaos in city

A crowd of about 4,000 gathered for an illegal march close to Dataran Merdeka yesterday, causing massive traffic jams across the city.

All they farking reported was about traffic jam????!!!! Hey!!? Traffic jam? The traffic jam caused by the police erecting unnecessary roadblocks, road closures no? If only you allow the rally to go on peacefully (luckily they still managed to do that, contrary to what our PM hope, riots and disturbance to happen as what he predicted if the gathering continue) and work with the organisers to divert the traffic properly, prepare the necessary alternative routes and signs to motorists to avoid traffic congestion. Well, if you can send 4000 policemen to the gathering I am sure you can put them to better use.

And only 4000 people participated in the gathering? Bollocks! Unless I worshipped The Star, NST, Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia, Harian Metro and other crap local dailies I will believe that. Seeing with my own eyes, and reading CNN, AFP, International Herald Tribune most of them reported minimum more than 40, 000 people attended the gathering. Who you want to bluff heh? I present to you an interesting post on this number game by a blogger in his blog under the ‘Zero Deception’ I can only tell you, if our local newspaper reported the number as 10000, divide it by 10, actually is only 1000 or 10% percent lah.. like the report in The Star about expected 200, 000 people will attend our PM open house at PWTC back then. Read the post and analysis on that figure here in this post ‘Is it 200,000 or 20,000‘. So do you still blatantly believe the figure quoted by our ‘independent’ press?? Hahahaha!

Illegal gathering heh? What about the gathering by the SIL and his kuncu kuncu mat rempit in front of American Embassy to hand over a memorandum not so long ago?? That’s not illegal gathering lah right?? Farking bias lah you man.. Imaybe only obtained A2 for my SPM History paper, but I remember that our independence achieved by series of demonstration and rallies, no?? Read the history books again people.. Gathering and rallies is not something new, and it is not wrong if it is for something good. (Well in Malaysia, currently that will be anything that is perceived as sucking up the master balls, then it is sure good lah.. if you try to bark at the master then it is sure illegal, not good, malicious, inciting disharmony those shits lah.. Understand?)

This is history, something that must be remembered. On Nov. 10 more than 40,000 (some reported more than 50,000) people gathered for the BERSIH rally. If this is still considered as ‘minority’, ‘unrelevant’ voice then what is relevant? Since when we have a demonstration at this scale? During the Reformasi period? This is the biggest public gathering in the country so far. Needless to say, that figure would have been much higher had the police not prevented and the people from attending the rally. What more with cars were checked for BERSIH materials and t-shirts, buses with passengers wearing BERSIH t-shirts were stopped, LRTs were not allowed to stop at the stations nearby to the gathering places.

So now you know, people are frustrated, people have grievances. They couldn’t bring it through the ‘proper’ channels so they take it to the streets, bracing the rains and FRUs, police, water cannons or maybe risk their lives for something they believe. Why do you think they did that when they could sleep at home, having great sex, watching porn, sleeping or doing whatever nice shits? It is because they care, you idiot!


~ by bongkersz on November 12, 2007.

7 Responses to “Wow!! Crap Master N The Servants!”

  1. shows how fucked up our mainstream media is isnt it? i read in from elizabeth wong saying that the day before the rally… some national radio actually said the rally has been postponed to confuse the ppl.

    i really wonder… those ppl working in the mainstream media… do u have any conscience?

  2. zewt : fucked up to the max, dude. but i will say those who believe everything they read from the mainstream media even more fucked up. ignorant dumbass. have mercy on their pea sized brain. they want cari makan only.. after all 🙂

  3. Bah.. mainstreams are not so “independent” when it’s clearly controlled by the authority. Sad but true. A toast to the BERSIH guys. You guys rocks man!

  4. these media has been bribed 😦 sad.

    That’s only happen when we have one middle class underdog ppl and the misusing upper class ppl.

    They, the leading party will do anything to maintain their superiority, no matter what.

    I’m so going to see whatelse after this demonstration..

  5. couldnt agree more wif you guys..
    peace bro~!
    make sure everything will be BERSIH after this…

  6. why didn’t you ever do something in political science eh?

  7. mandeep : you being sarcastic heh? 😀 yeah dumb me, should join the art stream back then and study political science. who knows i may kick samy’s, nazri’s, zam’s, badr’s asses in the parliment. why no divine intervention to make me choose the right one that time??? 😀

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