Samy Shocked… Again?

Quote of the day :  “I am shocked and I want answers,”

The above line should be included in my ‘Dummies Guide To Be A Politician In Malaysia‘. In situation like this, you must express shock and firmly say ‘I want answers!’ ‘We will nail the culprits!’ and then rely on the short term memory of general Malaysians.  Thanks to Samy for his valuable input to the guide 🙂 I was reading the comic The Star Online for amusementand there I found it… (you will never fail to crack a laugh everytime your read it, good read when you are depressed. My advice, jump straight to Nation section for interesting jokes of the day and you will not be disappointed. Work everytime.)  on the front page :

RM4.5mil administrative building near lake collapses

Samy shocked, wants answers

KUALA LUMPUR: The collapse of a two-storey building on a hillslope at the edge of Tasik Banding in Gerik, Perak, has Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu reeling with disbelief. 

“I am shocked and I want answers,” said a furious Samy Vellu, who called for action to be taken against the contractor if it was found that structural failure caused the collapse.  

It was fortunate that no one was hurt “but there must be some action,” he said. 

On Tuesday, the building began to collapse at 8am and crumbled completely two hours later

Read the rest here. How many times we must get his kind of standard answers before they really take actions? How long are we going to let them say what ever they want and take no responsibility? And we just sit back and watch? Since there’s no life lost, it’s not happening to our house just don’t bother lah yeah? Just wait for it to happen to us, then only we should start sounding the alarm. Well, just see what they will do this time. Are they going to sweep it below the carpet again just like few cases back then. Landslides at Hulu Kelang, Wangsa Maju.. just to name few. (Oh I forgot the rest.. there you go.. my short term memory loss..)


~ by bongkersz on November 15, 2007.

5 Responses to “Samy Shocked… Again?”

  1. Any news about Semi Value is always entertaining! 😉

  2. actually… i am not shock… i think many are not… just him.

  3. he din know that ? that’s y he is shocked.. I doubt it.. hahha

  4. samy’s always like that. hehehehehe

  5. Hahah. Pura-pura shocked I guess. C’mon la wey.. He should know la. Something fishy again huh?

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