Random sms

me : eh, chelsea’s defence looks shaky la.

cibol : em, they don’t have centre back now, all playing side backs.

me : ya, they shud get one sexy back. bwahahahaha! ->_<-


~ by bongkersz on January 3, 2007.

11 Responses to “Random sms”

  1. u make it as if we’re gay partners that sms each other everytime “i miss u” period .. fark ..

  2. what ‘i miss u’ period?? hehe.. usah peduli kata-kata orang sih… 😀

  3. haha…
    “i miss u”…

    u guys dont put dat in black n white or in anyway written/typed right?
    for girls and girlfriends,dats acceptable. admitted,for guys,gotla aura gay bt x necessarily true maa. lol.

  4. he meant it like this – i made it sounds like we are gay partners that will sms each other everytime during ‘i miss u period’. cheebuy cibol, arrange your sentence properly lah 😀

  5. pheh…both tak mengaku…I am a girl, but still feel the aura lo…its HOT..phew…(sure they will hentam me after dis..).hot..hot..

  6. ha ha ha .. it’s nice to get people confuse rather than to convince but it’s better than conning

  7. hahaha….okay..okay…i am not confused.;p.

  8. That was some revelatory read

  9. You couldn’t be more right on.

  10. That’s very educational read..

  11. Your completely right on this blog!

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