Forget Me Not!

I am very forgetful. Sometimes I think it is a bit extreme haha! Either it is clumsiness, forgetful or both but I hate it when I am in that situation. A lot of time and energy wasted just because that. I wonder why I always forget things… Maybe it’s some kind of sign of more serious diseases? 😀 Some kind of virus eating my brain maybe? A psychopath traits?? Oh no!! I have this fetish for anything gore, madman on killing sprees, sadistic, violent, serial killers etc type of movies! SAW series, Hannibal, Silence of The Lamb, Scream, Se7en just to name few. Bwahhahahahahaha!!! Phear me!!!!

Yeah, I always forget things..sometime the things are so simple.. that I myself never think that I can forget. You can say I am a bit disorganised as the result. Hehe.. To think of it it’s kinda silly.. let’s see what are the things that I did in the past, because of my forgetfulness..

1. Went to class without wearing underwear.. No.. I made that up 😀 muahahahahaha! Er, but that’s an idea eh? Should try it tomorrow when I go for work 😛 Okay,  serious… serious..  

1. Riding my bike without wearing helmet – This one time… no I think few times.. one of it was that I went to the post office, took off my helmet, put it on the chair.. and waited for my number to be called. Finished my business there, went to take my bike and vrooomm… went for evening class. Halfway.. passed this construction area, the road is dusty.. so I tried to cover my face.. and.. huh??? Where is my helmet? Fark.. I left it at the post office.. and I already traveled like 4-5 km.. about to reach campus already. Damn bodo thing to forget.

2. Forgot to take my bike after car-pooled my friend to campus. Sometime I tumpang my friend’s car to campus. Normally on exam day, or I was lazy to ride my bike to campus. So I would ride to my friend’s house, parked my bike there, and took my bike when finished class. You see, on the way back from campus, we will reach my house first (my friend’s house is few streets down from my house) and I will asked my friend to drop me off at my house.. Selamba, came back from evening class, went to take my bath.. watch a bit of tv.. then went for dinner. At the door.. aik???? Where is my bike?? Cilaka.. forgot to take my bike.. left at friend’s house..

3. Forgot someone’s birthday, someone very close to me. This sucks! This happened last year… I totally forgot the date on the actual day, and proceed to call her the next day, still thinking that,it was her bday (Get it? Her birthday is on 29th March, so last year, on the 29th March and I thought it was 28th March and did nothing, and on the 30 March, I called her to wish her ‘Happy Birthday!!’ Need not to say, I was blasted.. chopped to pieces when I said that. Things getting worse when I called to wish her happy birthday, she did not answer my call.. and I still didn’t know what happened at that time!!! I was thinking that, what la… jual mahal.. sulking again?? I called her 10 mins after midnight (I thought it was 29th March but actually 30th March) so I thought.. aik.. late 10 mins wish birthday also merajuk?? Little that I know, I did a terrible terrible mistake…

After trying like 20 times calling her, she answered the call and I asked ‘Hey.. why dont want answer my call la??’ – still oblivious of the reason she was not answering my call. She just quiet, and said that she was going to sleep to which I replied, “Wah, I purposely wait after midnight to call you.. wish you birthday.. and you seems like not so happy…” .. .. .. … … … Cut the story short, I end up 3 hours on the phone explaining how the fark I mixed up the whole things up.. (not forgetting for the 1st half an hour, I was defending myself “today is 29th, not 30th”) Really… embarassing. I feel like shooting myself it the head and feed the brains to the pigs or dogs.. Hopefully this will never happen again… sob sob sob….

4. Forgot my to retrieve my ATM card after withdrawing the moneyThis is what happened. I went to open a saving account and apply for the ATM card as well this morning. After I got my passbook and ATM card, together with the pin code, I went to the ATM machine to change the pin code and proceed to do some transactions. 1st try – to transfer money to 3rd party account, failed. Ok.. 2nd try – check account balance, failed. Huh?? I went back to the customer service counter and was told that, I need to wait for few more hours for my ATM card to be activated. Ok fine, waited like 10 mins and I went back to the ATM machine. (got one urgent transaction need to be done mar… anxious lor..) Tried to check my account balance, ah great! It worked. So I proceed to transfer my money, and happily after finished the transaction, walked away and called my friend to tell him I just banked in his money…. then went back to my office.

10 mins after that…

Hmm, I feel like forgetting something… what is it ah?? Oh fark!!! My ATM card!! So I rushed back to the ATM machine, hoping that the card was still there.. Bad.. bad.. no card left at the machine, went to the counter and asked; nobody ‘kindly’ took my card and passed it to the staffs there. Argh!!!! So I need to reapply for my ATM card. Fark.. This is the most stupid thing to do, apply a new ATM card, and reported lost the next 10 minutes…

These are just few of the things that I did.. when I was in my ‘forgetful’ mode… There are more.. but.. I’ll keep it to myself heh! So, are you forgetful or tend to forget things? Beware…. Ha! Ha! Ha!



~ by bongkersz on November 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “Forget Me Not!”

  1. i’ve done really dumb things myself…like when i daydream? Yea the throwing chicken pieces around chilli’s ain’t bad enough. i lit my fringe on fire last sem accidentally.

    another time i did something even better- i put the end of the cig in my mouth and tried to light the butt.

    anyway, guess what? there’s a cure for this crap we all do. i learnt it through the book The Secret? if you believe you are forgetful and always think about it, you end u being even more and more and MORE forgetful. soon you’ll be able to do the amazing things i can and light your hair up too~! ^ ^

    buy the book. seriously.

  2. LOL! New ATM card lost within the hour. That’s a classic.

    I get quite annoyed when I forget little things like picking up the dry cleaning or something. Especially when the whole trip to the mall was to do that specific thing. I’d end up doing everything but.

  3. Wow…didn’t know you were so forgetful.Haha…

  4. U r still young hor! Luckily u still remember ur gf! He! He! Forget gf b-day very normal for guy lah! This wan I forget every year! But I will say to gf since I forget her b-day she is forever 18 years old!!!! So this reason will cheer her up!
    Have a nice day!

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