Tok Kok Area!

Guys, spill whatever shits, gossips, news here~!


8 Responses to “Tok Kok Area!”

  1. wassup people! hmm.. i was reading this lottery scam news on paper just now.. So, do we need to be sorry for these people? they are dumb enough to believe it, so let them bear the consequences. Duh!

  2. farkers .. mana ada orang kalau menang loteri mau bayar deposit .. so stupid eh .. berkali kali orang sudah kasitau pun tak ada mau ingat .. hai .. banyak susah ini macam

  3. yalah, damn farking stupid. no need to pity these people. bangang and dungu.

  4. wanted to get the scam fuckers but the prob is it’s always a bit pricey to call em .. and kenny sia did it liw, no fun dy. ha ha ha

  5. boink boink… hehehe saja jak nak melawat bah. 😛

  6. ha ha ha .. what’s with the boink boink?

  7. lompat – lompat bah.. Hee

  8. ooo … guna pogo stick

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