Siapa Bodoh?

Dear Malaysians,

See for yourself. Some monkeys from the ruling party trying to politicize the issue, their usage of rude and degrading words, keep on disturbing a fellow parliamentarian when he was talking and none of them talking using their brain. The words that came out from their mouth stinks, I wonder if they wipe their mouth with the same tissue they wipe their ass with. Siapa bodoh?? Sendiri tau lah…

p/s : My blood boils everytime I listen or see that Sri Gading guy speaks, Aziz what shit is his name. Same goes with that Kinabatangan mp, Bung Radin what Mokhtar.. They are top in my list of dumb, irritating, fugly, annoying and cheap politicians.. and I keep wondering how come these two shitheads managed to put themselves there and fark everybody else at their pleasure? Who the dumb fark elected them to the house? To both MPs and their voters, you dumb fark, bodoh, bendul, bengap, dungu, lembab, retarded please shove your head in your own ass if you can and disappear for humanity good. Please…spare us.

Off to watch Halloween. Remember Michael Myers? Not that Mike Myers from Austin Power lah. Bah.. figure it out yourself~!


~ by bongkersz on November 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “Siapa Bodoh?”

  1. latest call… yellow every saturday.

    bongkersz : ah? so that shouldn’t interfere with anybody’s shopping trip then? 😛 bwahaha!

  2. … remember Bruahruddin… MP of Gunung Jerai witz his puk*mak2 in parlimen and his ‘thee holier than thou’ attitude; sumpah2 orang and kata itu adalah balasan tuhan!

    … today we have chinese diaspora, tomorrow, probably the borneo dayak diaspora kot; nak larik from this puny country ruled by the barisan clown!

    bongkersz :badruddin, yeah that pukimak and keluar dari malaysia, being handicapped is balasan tuhan fella. hmm.. borneo dayak masih tidur lah.. sorry to say 🙂

  3. say, you appoint a bunch of dogs to run your country. the bunch of dogs screw up, big time. do you blame the dogs for being incompetent, or do you blame yourself for choosing them?

    bongkersz : hmm, if the dogs screw up, still can get a shotgun or a baseball bat to whack the dogs to death, not that hard to deal. but dealing with these clowns sure not that simple. you are right man, who to blame but ourselves for choosing them? rubbish in rubbish out.

    ps : is that really you, mika ooi? the ebil michael ooi? 😛 now my blog boosted with evil power after you commented haha!

  4. bureaucracy! Sigh…

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