Ini Prosedur (This Is The Procedure)

I went to one of the local council today, submit a CF application. The CF application is for the extension of canopy roof for an existing factory. The factory itself already got the CF, and the owner want CF for the extended canopy as well. Normally, it’s not compulsory for a canopy to have CF. ( I asked about this before, one lady at building department told me they normally do not give out CF just for canopy, but if the owner insists, they will give). Ok, for a typical CF application for a premis (office, housing scheme, factory, warehouse bla bla) you need to prepare few things such as the forms, letter to each deparment involved and most impotant photos for the items in the checklist given by each of the departments. (eg. Building department- front, side, back view of premis, refuse chamber, guard house Planning dept – signboard, flags, toilets, pantry, parking space and numbering Engineering dept. – road signs, drainage sumps, existing drain, Landscape dept. – trees, flowers) and submit is at the One Stop Centre (OSC -a department where you submit all the plans, bla bla.. and then they will distribute the relevant documents to the department involved) Ok, I referred to the checklist given, but all the items in it have nothing to to do with the canopy, so I thought nevermind, I just prepared photos showing the canopy then is enough, no need the checklist. (If use the checklist, what to tick? None of the item is for the canopy) Damn it I was wrong!! Here’s what happened :

… satu kosong empat lapan kaunter 7 (my number kena!! wah lao! :D) so I went to the kaunter

Me : Hi Manis, I nak submit for CF application. (Ok, I didn’t said ‘Manis’. She’s not manis either.. bit bitter I think haha!)

Lady : Untuk projek aper?

Me : Extension of canopy untuk kilang sedia ada kat … bla bla bla..

Lady : Uh? Canopy jer? Kilang dah ada CF? Tapi kalau canopy jer biasa tak payah submit.

Me : Ya, kilang dah ada CF. Er, owner nak ada CF untuk canopy.

Then the lady checked the documents – forms, photos, letters everything..

Lady : Mana checklist Jabatan Perancang?

Me : Oh, I checked, takder item yang berkaitan, so I tak sertakan.

Lady : Em, tunggu jap ye, I call bangunan jap.

She called this one big shot at building dept.. two of them bla bla bla la.. for few minutes..

Lady : Kena ada checklist dari Jabatan Perancang juga dan kena prepare gambar yang diminta dalam checklist, untuk Perancang dan Bangunan sekali.

Me : HaaaaaaaaaaarghhHH!! Tapi, saya submit untuk canopy saja, kilang dah ada CF, buat apa nak gambar yang lain lain? Tak kan saya kena sertakan gambar surau.. tandas, ofis kalau saya apply CF untuk canopy bukan kilang?

Lady : Ini prosedur encik. Kena ikut.

Me : Em, boleh saya cakap dengan yang in-charge CF kat Jabatan Bangunan?

Lady : Ok, saya call you cakap dengan dia.

She called and passed the line to me.

Big shot lady : Selamat pagi.

Me : Selamat pagi puan, Ye nak tanya sikit, berkenaan CF submission ini.

Big shot lady : You nak submit CF untuk apa ni. Kilang?

Me : Untuk canopy

Big shot lady : Canopy saje? Kilang dah ada CF? Pelan dah lulus? (Fark, if not yet lulus I wont submit in la tolol…)

Me : Ya sudah lulus. Kilang dah ada CF. Lepas tu owner buat extension canopy pada kilang, and dia nak CF untuk part canopy tu. So saya submit gambar gambar canopy sahaja boleh tak?

Big shot lady : Tak boleh. You kena prepare gambar gambar kemudahan lain, tandas, penanda jalan, surau.. bla bla. Kita nak tengok gambar gambar itu juga.

Me : Tapi, kilang dah ada CF, pihak bangunan dah pergi buat inspection masa CF application, kali ni untuk canopy saja pun kena submit balik gambar gambar yang lain selain canopy?

Big shot lady : Ye kita tahu dah ada CF, kita tak akan inspect apa yang dah existing kat site, cuma kita nak simpan sebagai rekod.

Me : Kalau tak inspect yang existing, tak perlulah nak gambar gambar yang lain. Gambar canopy saja cukuplah puan. Rekod? Bukan ke masa apply CF untuk kilang, kita dah bagi bangunan dua set gambar bangunan, dah ada lah gambar surau, tandas, kebuk sampah..

Big shot lady : Itu lain. Fail lain lain, ini kita nak satu fail. Nanti ada apa apa berlaku kat you punya canopy kita boleh refer. (wtf she’s saying? canopy.. canopy la.. what refer other photos?)

Me : Memang lah lain lain fail puan. Ini kira dua submission, tak ada kena mengena lah..Kalau ada apa apa berlaku pada canopy, puan refer fail dan gambar canopy, kalau ada apa apa berlaku pada bangunan, puan refer fail dan gambar bangunan. CF pun lain lain kan?

Big shot lady : Ini prosedur. Kalau nak submit kena ikut prosedur

Me : Tapi…

Big shot lady : Ini prosedur… ini prosedur… ini prosedur ( the monk chanting the mantra.. Ok she did not. But it sounded that way hehe.. )

In the end I decided not to submit…Procedures.. procedures my ass… everytime procedure. Dont think they even understand what are the procedures for…Procedures were created in the first place to facilitate a process of doing things and make do things easier, not creating obstacles.. but to think of it, why the owner want CF for a canopy.. lol.


~ by bongkersz on November 14, 2007.

One Response to “Ini Prosedur (This Is The Procedure)”

  1. LOL~

    i have this tiny phobia about going to government offices. cuz my mom doesn’t take shit and whenever we go A.N.Y.W.H.E.R.E it ends with a threat to sue them after kicking a fuss. in between there’s that stupid office, u have to sit n wait for your number to get called. the only one i know how to get done myself is my passport and driving license.

    you poor child. anyway i’m definitely considering the indonesian thing. got lots of hilarious experiences. lol

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