Never Ending Race..

Man… they are at it again! Some asshole proposed that teaching of Science and Mathematics to be done in Bahasa Melayu. What?? How many times we want to change? Kejap kejap tukar..

And, the talk about helping Malays never end. Sure they will put up some tables, statistics to support, to justify the action. I tell you what, there’s no way Malays will catch up with other races especially Chinese if they keep on relying on subsidies, living on crunches. Why? Need not to say, NEP failed to deliver the results they want. Do you believe that after 40 years or so of NEP, 90% of the Malays still considered to be poor? And that 18.9% equity holding never fail to be quoted by Malay politicians. What you can say but NEP is a failure? From the start, the implementation is already at flaws. All the while the emphasize is to help, to give, give and give.. So when they will be able to stand on their own? The rhetoric is to help all the poor regardless of race which is good, but as you know, Malaysia is famous for the half baked if not bias implementation.

Why I said Malays will never catch up with other races if this kind of policy is allowed to be continued? Well, by putting the emphasize on Malays, by giving preferential treatment to Malays, you are making other races more competitive. The Chinese, being the cunning and smart race they always claim to be will find ways to go around the system. Same goes to other non Malay races. And the illusion of one day Malays will make it, they will be on par with other races will remain a dream if they are being helped all the time. How do you expect a person to be competitive if he is offered the handicap? And do you think other race will stop and watch the Malays doing their things? No!! Farking ridiculous. As the Malays being subsidized and helped in every sector, the Chinese, the Indians will compete on their own abilities. Who do you think will come out as a better and competitive race?

Take this as an analogy, two athletes is running. The first one (let us call him Ah Beng) already at a distance because of his ability, and the another one (let us call him  Ahmad) because of his slow start, he’s lagging behind. But, since they want to help the weaker Ahmad to finish on par with Ah Beng at the finish line, they give him some magic pill that will make him run faster, but only as long as the magic pill effect is there. As the effect wears out, he will be running slow again. So they keep running, and it seems Ahmad is catching up with Ah Beng, but everytime Ahmad speeds past Ah Beng, the damn magic pill effect wear out, so he gets slower again and Ah Beng being a good runner keep running in front him. I should tell you also, Ah Beng is a very competitive farker, he will push himself harder when he sees challenges, obstacles. When he knows Ahmad is being helped, he pushes himself to run faster and faster. So, they question is will Ahmad be able to finish together with Ah Beng? Hell no! Unless Ah Beng stop and fall asleep or fall dead because of severe fatigue, then maybe Ahmad has the chance. But as long as both of them running that way, the chance of Ahmad winning the race or even close to Ah Beng is zero!

Stop with this attitude of pointing which race is superior, which one is weaker. Prepare all the Malaysians regardless of race political believe to compete with the rest of the world. Pampering one race will only make them weaker and neglecting other will only make them more hostile and competitive. And this is no way to preserve the unity among Malaysians. Only if our leaders truly understand this.  I still wait for the day to come.


~ by bongkersz on November 8, 2007.

8 Responses to “Never Ending Race..”

  1. helping the malays? what is there have yet to be done? seems like everything possibly to be done has already be done

  2. chinese can get around things… but it’s getting more and more difficult. the amount of chinese getting around things is getting smaller… most are suffering la… like you and me.

    do u notice that the education system in malaysia, one way or another it will be changed every 3 years. it’s like ppl wanna make their mark… leaving a legacy.

    as for championing race… seriously… if that is taken out of political agenda… a lot of parties no longer have purpose to exist.

  3. Some asshole proposed that teaching of Science and Mathematics to be done in Bahasa Melayu. What??

    Sepandai-pandai Senator Dr. Mohd. Puad Zarkashi, terbukti jugak sikap bagai ‘katak di bawah tempurung’ beliau.

    Just wanted to point some of his points which I think ridiculously superficial:

    Menurut Mohd. Puad, UMNO Johor akan meneruskan perjuangan untuk memartabatkan bahasa Melayu dan mahu melihat bahasa Melayu digunakan semula dalam pengajaran Sains dan Matematik di sekolah rendah.

    Tak cukupkah Bahasa Melayu yang digunakan dalam semua mata pelajaran selain BI?

    Beliau mengambil contoh tindakan Universiti Malaya yang sudah mengeluarkan arahan yang disifatkan suatu ugutan supaya pengajaran di setiap fakulti dibuat dalam bahasa Inggeris.

    ‘‘Timbul pertanyaan, apakah mengangkasakan tamadun bangsa hanya berjaya dengan bahasa Inggeris semata-mata?

    ‘‘Apakah dengan menggunakan bahasa Inggeris, IPTA kita akan menjadi jaguh pendidikan dunia?

    ‘‘Bukankah banyak faktor lain menentukan kejaguhan kita. Bukankah gahnya sebuah universiti itu kerana sumbangannya kepada tamadun ilmu yang didukung oleh mutu pengajian dan hasil penyelidikannya,’’ kata beliau.

    Sumbangan kepada tamadun Ilmu perlu sebaris dengan taraf ilmu antarabangsa. Bahasa Inggeris ialah bahasa anatarabangsa.

    ‘‘Kita melihat dalam ruang lebih luas, pandangan lebih jauh ke hadapan. Kita mahu maju dengan acuan sendiri. Malah tidak ada negara di dunia yang maju dengan meminjam bahasa orang lain.’’


    I can never accept his argument. Terlalu sempit!

  4. Last year, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and Universiti Malaya (UM) were listed at the tail-end of the Top 200 in the THES-QS ranking, and I had repeatedly warned both in and out of Parliament that Malaysia risks being pushed out of the 200 Top Universities ranking unless there is the political will to check brain-drain and restore meritocracy and excellence to Malaysian academia.

  5. well, they can always refute the findings, saying the ranking is bias. remember? 🙂

  6. Hmmph! SUper damn f***ing true and agreeable bongkerz! *hands clutch*

  7. Kejap BM kejap BI..
    Hmm.. 2 words.
    sangat bodoh

    I have no offence(s) if they wanna use English for Math and Science but it is too much to simply suka-suka tukar-tukar. It looks truly stupid and bangang la. It will only makes the students become makin bangang. Tak ke???

    The thing is they themselves have no confidence in the implementation of English language in these two subjects. The idea is good but perlaksanaan is really bad. They should do it step by step.

  8. because they themselves so fucking incompetent! that’s the word. IMPOTENT to the max! how can they expect what they do now will have so dem fast results? fucking annoying isn’t it? like they have no brains lidat, even burung unta or orang utan pun pandai fikir. mau ajar anak makan mesti ajar dia bukak mulut .. bukan ajar dia buat milkshake terus. it’s not rocket science but these tulanians just simply say say stupid things and make themselves look like a farking dick, a fully erected tulan! WHY CAN THEY realized that what they do now will effect 2-3 generations down the road? and the racial thing? come on .. get ur act together .. im so dem pissed that they always make this racial thing a big thing. so farking lauya .. aiyoo .. if ur incompetent no matter wat race are u, u still eat shit man .. get a life. stop blaming chinese for good in mathematics and stop blaming malays for good in BM punya karangan and wat lanjiao la .. oh, simple. maybe i tok kok too much here but then oh .. WTF is with these people???

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