I Love My Job.. Not

My line of work requires me to deal with the authorities quite often as I need to chase for approvals, submission status..’angkat angkat’ the fella.. make him/her happy (perform strip dance if forced to haha! 😀 :D) When we have few projects running, I’ll need to call them up. Typical conversations with them will be:

Scenario One :

Me : Hello, Selamat pagi, boleh sambungkan saya ke bahagian xxxx?

Operator : Encik tunggu sebentar..

Me : Ok.

En. A : Hello, Bahagian xxxx.

Me : Ya, selamat pagi encik, boleh saya bercakap dengan Tn. B?

En. A : Tunggu sebentar saya sambungkan.

Me : Ok. (waiting)

tut tut.. tut tut… tut tut tut tut tut tut… (the line goes off)

Me : Ma chee bye…

Scenario Two:

Early in the morning, about 8.30 like that..

Me : Hello, selamat pagi. Saya call dari perunding X, nak check status kelulusan pelan untuk projek tetuan Y, Pn.  D ada?

Pn. Z : Pn. D belum masuk lagi. Telefon balik nanti.

Me : Ok. Terima kasih

30 mins later,

Me : Hello, boleh saya bercakap dengan Pn. D?

Pn. H : Pn. D keluar sarapan. Baru je keluar

Me : Tak apa, saya call balik nanti.

Another 15 mins

Me : Hello, Boleh saya bercakap dengan Pn. D?

Pn. C : Pn. D sudah keluar inspection encik.

Me : …. Er, Ada contact no. dia tak? Handphone no?

Pn. C : Maaf encik. Kita tak ada. Encik boleh hubungi dia di talian ext. XXX

Me : Saya dah cuba call dia banyak kali, ada pegawai lain yang saya boleh refer?

Pn. C : Tak ada encik. Memang Pn. D saja jaga kawasan ni.

Me : Tak apa lah, saya telefon balik nanti.

Afternoon, after lunch,

Me : Hello, Pn. D ada?

En. K : Pn. D mc hari ni. Boleh telefon balik esok?

Me : cheebuy..! $#_$(X^^)_~!(*&)(0-!~

Yeah, it is damn frustrating trying to get hold of the officers. And they are farking outdated species which doesn’t own a mobile phone? (not that I believe that, but when I asked, they never want to give their number, so I have no choice but to call the office line) Many times, after trying the whole day, I couldn’t reach the officer, and the next day I called, the officer on leave, for 2 weeks. Pfftttt…. And nobody take over her work/file. The typical response will be ‘Saya tak tahu… (Our PM always use this line…to the fullest) Encik kena tunggu dia balik.. And the client was chasing my butt off for his project status..


~ by bongkersz on November 8, 2007.

9 Responses to “I Love My Job.. Not”

  1. haha, i will be tat someday 😦

  2. perform strip dance if forced to haha

    Muahahhahah! I will pengsan to watch that! Muahahahah..

  3. kepimpinan melalui tauladan. adddoooiii~

  4. *pengsan* that sucks.. next time threaten them with your garang-ness…

  5. clement : you really want to?? better think about it. haha!
    nono : why pengsan? i’m damn confident with my strip dance leh..
    bumilangit : yea, slogan tak habis habis. inilah terbilang, gemilang, lintang pukang
    drumsticks : what? you also pengsan? why so many people want to pengsan?

  6. why don’t you go to them face to face and ask what is the problem and make appointment with them?

  7. kidpieces: call them to talk/make appointment already quite hardd, what do you think if i go there and find them face to face? the answers always- busy, seminar, kursus.. bla bla..

  8. nono : why pengsan? i’m damn confident with my strip dance leh..

    Leh goyang2 bontot ka? Hahah… Rasa kacak! 😛

  9. ah .. same la. last time i also experienced thing lidat. everytime want to talk to them not around, makan , seminar wat lan jiao la … KNN these people shud be off the office no wonder the nation so dem fucking tulan because they have these tulan officers. KNNCB cilaka babi bangsat bangkai perut baya can kiss my ass and eat shit all of his life. annoying it is but then hor, their life is like that. very much a fucked up life but make people suffer.

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