STFU, dumbass!!

I couldn’t contain my disgusts when I read the article by Mr. Wong Chun Wai for today’s The Star On The Beatcolumn. I quote some parts for his article, with came across as smack of arrogance to me.

“Umno leaders are well aware that they cannot afford a repeat of last year with the elections in the horizon. Not that the anti establishment sentiments in the urban areas will hurt Umno. Not even a bit, as Umno is probably at its strongest, despite what has been written in the blogs

“What Muhammad did not say bluntly was this – if you want to teach Umno a lesson, forget it, you can’t and, instead, you would just end up punishing the MCA or Gerakan

“The Chinese community has always wanted the best of both worlds – the MCA to represent them in government and to handle their problems and the opposition to shout for them

Mr.Wong Chun Wai, you are an editor for a mainstream media, but the way you write, most of the time you sounds like an ass kissing dog writing for its political master. Shame on you. And who are you to speak on behalf on the Chinese, that the Chinese only prefer MCA to represent them in government? And, I do not agree with the notion that only a Chinese representative can serve the interest of the Chinese, or only an Indian should represent the Indians in parliament or only a Malay can take care of his people interest. It is people like you bordering on the racism harping on communal politics, we are still suspicious of each other after 50 years we Merdeka. You are old already, STFU already..  Go get your Datuk title or whatever if you want and stop writing in any mainstream papers. Please… save us from your bigoted views.. you are so yesterday..


~ by bongkersz on November 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “STFU, dumbass!!”

  1. diu

  2. wat the fuck? Why is he being so fucking jew?

  3. i dont even bother to read his stuff… dont need to read la. he and jocelyn both want datukship.

  4. i read for entertainment value.. to amuse myself.. 😀 yea, very damn farking bias reporting by jocelyn tan and wong chun wai.. pfttt!

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