Wow, I never thought that a post lamenting that you are a boring person could receive so much comments! And yet, my previous post here received many comments from people that normally don’t or never before in this blog, and sudden increased of potential ‘fans’. Ha! ha! ha! Anyway thanks people~! Maybe due of the nature of my posts that are mostly bit too controversial or deemed ‘political’ in some sense, some of you may choose not to leave any comment.

Yup, during a meet up with some blogger friends, they told me my posts are bit too heavy and they have no idea how to response to that. I guess I write for my own pleasure most of the time so I don’t really bother about the hits or what shits but it is good to receive some feedback from somebody out there reading your craps, don’t you think? And that is why you see I post when I want to, without following a regular pattern like every one week one post or things like that. But I try to post up something every now and then so that you know that I am still alive and kicking some asses!

Lot of things happened last week. Some very important decisions were made and I maybe will share with you guys when it permits. No, I am not getting married, if that is what you think. Yesterday night I went out for a friend’s birthday party at Poppy, JalanP. Ramlee. It was the first night outing at club after last Christmas? Or was it cocktail party MW Sauber Paddock Lounge in April? The thing is I seldom party πŸ™‚ Many do not believe me when I said that. Do I look like a party animal? Lol.. Most of the time, I only go out when my friends asked me to. Normally in the event of friend’s birthday, a far, a friend from far came down for a visit or there are shits to celebrate we will gather and us being young and boring… always end up patronizing bars and clubs. Hehe.. I have no idea why. I never be the organiser so far. If I am the organiser, maybe I will come up with fresher and more creative ideas such as going to the zoo or bashing up mat rempits. Hahah!

So back to the birthday bash last night, it was fun, the atmosphere was great! We had our photos taken, mostly us in intoxicated state. I don’t have the photos yet, hopefully when I get hold of those photos, I will remember to post it here. πŸ˜€ Oh, blardy Cibol called up in the middle of me gyrating around sexy ladies just to let me know he was also partying in his town across the South China Sea. (Bintulu la… that crappy dead town haha! Hey I love Bintulu weh.. no offence.) After the club outing, we still managed to pay a visit to a mamak stall and I still downed a plate of maggi goreng in my intoxicated state. Tasteless I must say. Reached home at 4am, lepak down my condo and few of us (all batang..) talked kok. As usual the favorite topics were country bashing, race bashing, people bashing.. haih. Only went to bed at5am and woke up 11am. What a way to start my weekend!!

Enough with the inane ramblings of how I spent my Friday night wasting myself. Let’s talk about movie! Yes, SAW IV is out~! On theater 26th October. Due to the popularity and success of the previous installments- SAW, SAW II and SAW II, I think this one will also be a hit with the fans. I had watched SAW film series and I love it very much. Not for the gores and the cruel ways of torturing and dying in the films, but the complexities of the story lines, the way all the characters interconnected and related, the plot is just damn good. You will watch it to the end without leaving your seat

SAW started as a low budget horror movie in 2004, a brainchild of two Australian film-school grads, James Wan (who co-wrote the story and directed) and Leigh Whannell (who wrote the script and co-starred). The concept is not something very new, if you have watched Se7en (one of my favorite flick as well), this unassuming, low-budget (under $1 million) slasher-cum-serial killer mystery-thriller flick stunned Hollywood in 2004 when it came out of nowhere to gross over $50 million! And the rest is history. The first sequel SAW II released a year after that in October 2005, followed by SAW III in October 2006. Each of the sequel is better than before. The trilogy is one of very few film series where each new film has earned more than its predecessor. The other film series that I know is The Lord of the Rings series.

(stupid looking puppet mask in SAW. Wear it when you jam to the song Master of Puppet by Metallica. Sure farking cool!)

(SAW Trilogy box set cover)

(SAW pig head mask. Er.. you can put this on to surprise your loved ones.. maybe a hot, dirty role-play session bwahahaha!)

I think the appeal of the SAW films is the plot of the story. It is a dark, badass, dirty little horror movie about a demented killer who is arranging a theatre of the macabre with the expressed purpose of teaching his victims the value of their comfortable lives by giving them a taste of just how painful and terrifying life can be when all control and sense and reason is lost. After watching the films, I think that the main attraction is the series of moral questions its core concept raises that fascinate me. Immediately after finished watching SAW III, I suspected they will come out with another sequel and yes, SAW IV is in theaters!! And I spent my time today reading the reviews on SAW IV, refreshed my memories and man, I cannot wait to see it! Check out these few sites for the information on SAW IV or just do not visit the sites if you do not want to know the details just yet πŸ˜› Better to watch it to know the story yeah! Spoiler alert!! πŸ™‚

The Official Website and Fan Club



So, if you dig horror movies, real horror movies you should most certainly add Saw to your library. (Eh I just noticed this sounds a bit like those Pay Per Post adverts bwahahaha! Yeah, I promote SAW and they will give me a saw.. if you believe me.. kah! kah! kah!) Anyone up for a movie treat? πŸ˜› Don’t think this will be showing in Malaysia’s cinemas anyway.. have to wait for Uncle Ho‘s dvd lah…


~ by bongkersz on October 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “SAW IV”

  1. oh dude .. Im starting to love my life here in bintulu. can’t wait till ur back here. right here with me. ha ha ha .. got sounds o not? Moaning? πŸ˜‰ You one horny fark .. ha ha ha. Ok dude, I’ll check out the SAW you recommended. so far the only thing that I’m satisfied that you’ve recommended was all the japanese hentai and prons .. nthey’re sure good dude! keep em cumming!

  2. ei, don’t post gheyish comment lah, people later misunderstood and i got no chance hitting on pretty shweet things that come to my blog.. πŸ˜›

  3. dude .. they won’t. they’re loving it

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