Friday Blues…

It’s Friday night!! Just a simple post, not really a post.. something I plagiarised from Friendster’s bulletin. Muahahaha!

“Riding in a taxi doesn’t make you a taxi driver just as riding in a plane doesn’t make you a pilot. Using this logic, riding in a rocket doesn’t make you an astronaut. Were the animals (chimpanzees & dogs) first sent to space before men by the russians termed astronaut??”

Think about it. Sorry to spoil your dream about being an astronaut.. 😀

Updated : Cibol posted his piece of shit here. Give him some bashing will you? Haha!


~ by bongkersz on October 19, 2007.

15 Responses to “Friday Blues…”

  1. Haha. Funny post! Dear bongkersz, I don’t know whether this is true or not that NASA does not recognise Dr. Sheikh as an astronaut/cosmonaut/taikonaut, but only a spaceflight participant..

    So, about animals (chimpanzee & dog) first sent to space; they didnt termed as astronaut because NASA has their own definition of an astronaut.

    Malaysia’s first Angkasawan Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor is a bona fide cosmonaut and not a space flight participant as earlier suggested, a former American shuttle astronaut said.

    Captain Robert “Hoot” Gibson said he regarded Dr Sheikh Muszaphar as a peer.

    “The Russians trained him for a year and he is eminently qualified to function as a cosmonaut or an astronaut. He should be called one,” Gibson said at the KL Convention Centre just before the launch of the Soyuz TMA-11 in Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

    There were earlier reports that Nasa had referred to Dr Sheikh Muszaphar as a “space flight participant”, a term reserved for space tourists.

    Russian Ambassador to Malaysia Alexander Karchava refuted that suggestion and said he was a full-fledged cosmonaut.

    Whatever it is, he’s our angkasawan. 🙂

  2. Oh yea, sorry for being so patriotic! lol!

  3. man, you guys really dig into this shit. :p Can I just join in the fun? there’s always two side, that makes life beautiful. I dun really have anything against him though, as he has nothing to do with it all. he was sent there and that’s it not that he shouted “I want I want” and got pick or knocking on people’s door to beg “please let me go up there” ..

    reminds me of D-war .. I shall blog about it then

  4. Fact is he isn’t termed an astronaut.he is just a space flight participant(as defined by NASA in
    here) or flight participant (as defined by the Russian Federal Space Agency, ROSCOSMOS in here) Hmm, even the agency that was responsible for the Soyuz programme never term him as astronaut.

    Anyways, the statement by the Russianambassador and the former US astronaut Robert Gibson that Dr. Sheikh is a full-fledged ‘astronaut’ is their personal opinion (or was it a ‘paid opinion) as both NASA & ROSCOSMOS termed him space flight participant.

    Blind patriotism does not apply to me. What we have now is blind leading the blind. True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else. Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime and patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.

  5. I have nothing against him as well. For him, it’a lifetime experience and I agree with that. I just ‘bengkeng’ with the way our government and local media make it sounds like a farking glorious achievement when it’s not really that big deal. And to tell us it was free. And to call him angkasawan. The point is why don’t tell us the truth? That we paid 90 million and Sheikh is just a space participant? Truth hurts.. yeah, but that’s the way it should be man.. Why living on high fanned by some lies?

  6. Bengkeng is good what..

    The Angkasawan Programme is a giant step for Malaysia in developing its scientific and technological capabilities and in buiding its international image. The programme is hoped to spur Malaysians to develop interests in space studies in particular and science and technology in general, and encourage local scientific and space industries. It is also designed to instil a sense of can-do spirit especially amongst the younger Malaysians.

    The Angkasawan Programme is only a step in Malaysia’s involvement in space. The Angkasawan Programme, in essence, marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in the history of Malaysia.
    [Taken from: ]

    This angksawan programme also got to do with Malaysia’s education what; “twisting orbital platform” experiment for gasing was conducted for schoolchildren to observe the effects of microgravity. The point is angkasawan program is not “syok sendiri atau suka-suka” program. Plus, he is doing medical and bio-technology tests and research on behalf of various Malaysian scientists and also for space agencies in Malaysia, Europe and Japan. Tropical disease microbes for Malaysia, eyesight and muscles research for Europe Space Agency. For the Japanese Space Agency, he will carry out tests on the effects of radiation in space.

    Dont you think this is a good programme in order to expose Malaysians in astronomy sciences and space explorations? And also as an inspiration to the Malaysian to be more optimistic, proactive, productive…

    “Gemuruh jiwa
    Semangat membara
    Dari puncak ingin ke angkasa!”
    Gemuruh by Faizal Tahir


  7. it’s a good programme if it’s done in a proper way 🙂 those things they mentioned he did in space, those experiments just to justify the action of sending him to space. afterall if he didn’t do those experiments but making teh tarik and menebar roti canai as suggested earlier, then it will be really a big joke for sending him. well, he’s the only person that has the most ‘free’ time up there, so i guess they need to him to do some experiments. yeah i can feel the can do spirit now.. you can go to space if you got 90 million to pay…i’m more optimistic now.. to earn more money for that purpose and under declare my tax so my government will not use the taxpayers money for something they think is important when the majority of rakyat do not think so.

  8. how to spur interest in space by sending a paid participant up there? ok.. now people become more inspired, interested and optimistic. so do we have the infrastructure ready now? do we have enough lecturers and experts on scape and astronomies to teach the students? as i said, we are way too optimistic. how about creating our own car engine first? same when malaysia ‘produced’ their own car back in 1980s by setting up Proton. The reason given back then was to spur the interest in automotive industries bla bla..and I bet back then all Malaysians were damn so excited. “Wah, we have our own national car!! What an achievement!!! I want to an automative engineer!!!’

    But, until now, 20 years later we still not able to produce our own car engine. We yet to achieve anything remarkable in the automative industry other then having a race track, sponsoring some F1 competitors. That’s it? So we never learn from the past yea? And now again some bombastic feat we are trying to shove down the rakyat throat to say we are capable in doing this and that. I just rely on the history, the past records of Malaysia doing things and I just not convinced by all this. Well, it’s good to have some talk about this 🙂 I’m glad to hear any of you guys opinions and comments. It is good to have a discussion rather than accepting something without thinking in through yeah? Cheers!

  9. “afterall if he didn’t do those experiments but making teh tarik and menebar roti canai as suggested earlier, then it will be really a big joke for sending him”

    Are you serious????! Gimme the url (the one telling this funny info). Hahha! Hilarious man!

    Anyways, it is good to have a “bengkeng-ian” like you, bongkerzs. Your point make me realize something; We, Malaysians, have been brought up with the “cukup makan” and “hangat-hangat tahi ayam” mentality… That’s our big problem. We tryna looked good through other people’s lenses rather than our own. Checkmate!

    Malaysian should try and be the product that we can be proud of by ourselves by being continuosly “good”. We have the quality unfortunately, it is only for a “season”. We should keep the spirits burning, that’s the point!

  10. you can search in google or thestar archieve. the earlier suggestion was to make teh tarik.. tebar roti canai. i’m serious.

    “We will have a program called ‘Batik in Space’ and we will also launch a program called ‘Roti Canai in Space’ to see how we can bring Malaysia delicacies up to the space station,” the agency’s director-general Mazlan Othman was quoted as saying by The Star.”

    nono, i’m NOT trying to make malaysians or this country look bad by looking down on them, but to wake them up from mimpi. we already have enough ‘angan-angan’ projects not completed and so on. Things we should ask ourself, all these achievements so far, do you think we are really that good already? the north pole expedition, the everest climbing, the sail around the world feat, swimming across the strait, highest building in world (oh.. that was built by koreans with the help of indonesian workers, designed by an argentinian architect) name me a single thing we can really proud of that we single handedly build, or produce? FOOD? damn right man…just by keeping the spirit burning without concrete actions, in the end you will go back to square one. that’s what happened… we always being brought up high just to fall down flat on our face, each and everytime. we have been dreaming for too long… it’s not about cukup makan mentality or what. start doing things right and i will support all the efforts.

    p/s : nah, teh tarik and roti canai suggestion.Utusan Malaysia also have the storyI damn malu when read that before. Even BBC carried out the story “Roti Canai in Space”. And more. That was after most malaysians ternganga terperanjat beruk with the so ‘intelligent’ and ‘wise’ suggestions. So they need to change the idea. But still the teh tarik and roti canai issue came out.. lol. Read here

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  12. he he he .. imagine this, cocktails in space? Whow would margaritas and long island tea taste up there? I’m curious

  13. i think i am going to join the fun of this debate too… have been thinking about this issue in the same manner.

  14. i’m actually sick of the hoo ha hoo ha .. that’s why i decided to blog about it. it hits me when I read about d-war .. somehow, chin pointed out something very .. provoking

  15. Nice nice..good meeting u bongkersz! stumble upon yours from time to time again ehh..


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