I do not understand. Why the fuss about the authenticity of the video? Seems like the source of the video is damn more important than the content of the video. Does it really matter where they obtained the video from? It is still the same content. Same reason why some of us buy p-dvds or p-vcds. Do we care about where the p-dvds and p-vcds come from? As long as the content is the same with the original, the quality is bearable we will take it. As long as Pirates of The Caribbean we bought is showing Jack Sparrow by Johnny Depp not Jack ‘LongDick’ Sparrow by some John Deepthroat (you get me?? :P), we still get to watch the same movie the rest of the world watch no?

Quote The Star today ‘No Response’

“The former Chief Judge of Malay maintained that the role of the panel was limited to determining the video clip’s authenticity”

How convenient, what a wasting time effort to form a panel just for this purpose. I mean seriously how hard for them to verify or authenticate the video clip? You have the person in the video, names, location you farking do your investigation from there lah. If the lawyer himself already admitted it was him in the video what else to authenticate? The way public see it (or maybe just me being cynical) all the efforts by ACA and government so far are done to catch the whistleblower, instead the perpetrator, the allegation of wrong doings caught in the video clip. Go for the real culprits will you? Don’t farking give some lame excuses like if we couldn’t verify the authenticity of the video there will be no case. Why do you think the source of the video or people with information and original video dare not come out? They no longer believe with the integrity of the enforcing bodies, what shit panels or people that they used to trust to ensure their safety, that give the protection when they need it. Give us something concrete to believe and don’t ask why we don’t trust you or saying things like who else to trust if not the government? Hmppffffttt! Nazri, every single words than come out from your mouth stinks!! You are the absolute Stinker!

 (poster source : Mob’s Crib)

And as usual, obligatory knee-jerk reactions after bad incidents happened. The Star 2nd page ‘Terengganu to enforce boat safety course’. Somebody’s life need to be sacrificed to get us back to the right course nowadays heh? Last few weeks was about the little girl crushed to death by the school bus she took. Oh yea, dumb people should not be allowed to play firecracker. I played firecracker like mad when I was kid, the most I got was little burn mark due to carelessness and slow reactions. One time was because this farking guy throw the firecracker toward me. How the fark kids nowadays lost their arms, legs or burned their face playing firecrackers? Haih…


~ by bongkersz on October 18, 2007.

One Response to “Incompetent!”

  1. Sometimes i wonder why the government is acting the way they do when they know the people who put them in office are getting upset. Why are they defending themselves when they know everyone knows what they’re doing. Imagine if i met Nazri or something in some social event, or while having dinner somewhere fancy, i wonder if i got into a subtle conversation and mention all this, i would analyze everything he says; yes i know i’m overdreaming the whole situation- but who is he kidding? who is the government kidding? Can’t they see that we are a far more intelligent these days and can see right through them? They’re idiots. They’re intelligent, but not intelligent enough. They either need to sit down and stop bullshitting or get the fuck outta office. Morons~

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