Thanks.. Muthafucka!!

Thanks to the stupid retarded dumb muthafucka, I’m typing this only using one hand. Why? I was going to prepare for my dinner, when I walked into the kitchen.. I slipped on the floor, my palm caught/hit something and blood spilled… Ok maybe not that bad, just injured my left thumb, cut my skin at the base of the thumb. The stupid muthafucka leave the water dripping on the floor. He/she didn’t flip off the tap from the water container aka filter, and there was a puddle of water on the floor but I didn’t notice it. I was walking to my food cabinet and.. gedebab!! Jatuh.. Lucky injured my left hand, not right hand.. my good buddy. Lucky my hand, because I got two hands.. If my kukujiao? I only got one.. I for sure will make the fella pay if it was my kukujiao that injured..MCB..

swollen thumb.. (yeah… still got time take photo 1st.. hahaha! sicko!)

gory?? maybe not…

my precious blood.. (the rest i cleaned up d.. :P)


Have a nice weekend guys.. Watch where you walk 🙂


~ by bongkersz on October 5, 2007.

14 Responses to “Thanks.. Muthafucka!!”

  1. ouch…. dat hurts..
    lucky serious happened to u..

  2. WAaahhhhhhh!!!!! Lucky serious thing happen to him ???? OMG!!!! Drumsticks…. I’m shocked!!! (Kidding) Yeahh… Lucky nothing too serious.

  3. take care…

  4. Aiyak! kesian..

  5. dude, why just dun you take a swipe at that muthafucka .. he he he .. but since you said she’s quite petit and horny looking, plan something else .. ha ha ha

  6. gross man… but glad you only cut your fingers… not anywhere else…

  7. OMG.. what happened… yeah luckily just cut a bit only.. becareful man..

  8. it does looks gross actually … man … nasty eh

  9. Blood! Gory! NASTY! Tu ler,laim kali tengok jalan mana…but seriously,that must hurt to bits! Hope ur ok dy…better at least. 🙂

  10. walau weh… its ok make sure dont touch anyone with aids now… look painful too…

    careful la bro….

  11. I have a phobia to seeing blood. Saw it the other day and i suddenly had a back cramp, or rather like a back freeze which kinda hurt…. *shivers*

    Lots of vit E. please. Get well ^ ^

  12. ok dy ah ur hand? kenot toceng liw le

  13. eiiiiwwwww!!!gross!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i still have my right hand 😛 *wink! wink! thanks for the concerns guys.. getting better, not a big deal lah.. haha!

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