Boikot Apa Hah? Menyampah Aku..

I was watching Buletin Utama on TV3 just now. There was this sms poll going on.

‘Harga ayam masih mahal. Perlukah pengguna memboikotnya? A. Ya B. Tidak. Hantar bla bla..’ (The price of chicken is still expensive. Should consumers boycott it?’ A. Yes B. No. Send your sms bla bla)

Okay, this is my lousy 2 cents. Boycott chicken? Then eat what? Eat fish? Eat lamb? Eat cow? Eat pork? (No offence to Muslims). As far as I know, fish price had increased, more expensive now. Pork? Well, the price of pork is decreasing, because of the issue in Malacca. They want to reduce the number of pigs, so they need to sell it cheap to clear the stock on hand. But no everybody can eat pork, especially in Malaysia. Me not a big fan of pork as well. So what are their choices? Become vegetarian? Harga sayur pun dah naik, just not long ago we all know the a kilogram of chilies cost you more than a kilogram of chicken. Everything is on the rise!! (Not my gaji.. and not the awareness of general Malaysians. Still ignorant and dumb as usual.. Sorry if you are offended. Siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas bah…….. :)) Ah, government just reduced the price of kerbau. Kurang RM1. So what? I don’t like to eat kerbau. Now they import kerbau from India, but sooner of later the price is going to increase again if there is no proper action or solution taken. I don’t get it. Simple issue like this cannot overcome? Find a solution? Buat apa jadi menteri?

Come on la, obviously this is an issue of demand and supply. You cannot simply set a price, an unreasonable one just because you want to create and impression that you are protecting the rakyat, taking care of rakyat or so call ‘menjaga kepentingan rakyat’ (my ass….) you do not allow the price to adjust itself based on the market. How the fark you can set an unreasonable ceiling price and force the traders to follow it? In a free market, the price of an item will go up and down based on the demand and supply. When the demand is more than the supply, the price will go up and vice versa. When an item price become more expensive and the demand is high, naturally people will see it as a business opportunity and they will join in the business, try to make some money or quick buck when it is still hot. So this will create more supply in the market to cope with the demand, and the price readjusted become more reasonable. It will reach to a point where the supply is much more than the demand, again the price readjust, become cheaper or farking cheap until people no longer see it as a good business. They will go ‘Oh not good money selling chickens, better sell vcds and dvds..’ and the supply reduces.. the price readjust.. This process will repeat itself again and again. I think most of you get it, even without me explaining. Simple economics, not a rocket science. Tak faham ke, Mr. Minister? Sah dungu..

What the ministry (government) should do is, they should do consistent, periodic enforcements to ensure there are no rogue traders out there to rip off consumers. There bound to be few rogue traders, bad apples and they just need to take care of this. But looking from the situation now, the ministry simply put the blame on the traders, saying they are irresponsibble, shrewd, cunning and worse they blame us for not smart enough!! Cheebuy.. it is smart if there are choices for you to make, let say Ah Chong sells his chickens at RM6, Ah Mudd sells his chicken at RM 4, you are smart if you buy from Ah Mudd. But if all or majority of the chicken sellers out there selling at the same  high price how to be smart? Tell me!! Smart my ass… There are no options for us to choose, being smart will not help.

 Looking at the situation, those chicken sellers are desperate. They just try to make a living, not to rip off their customers. Like one pakcik said when interviewed by TV3,

‘Sekarang ni saya jual mahal sikit dari harga siling, pun untung 50 sen satu ekor ayam saja. Itu belum tolak gaji pekerja, sewa kedai lain lain. Kalau ikut harga siling yang ditetapkan, tutup kedai lah saya. Buat apa saya meniaga, bagus makan gaji.” (Now even I sell at a price slightly higher than the ceiling price, I only make 50 cents per chicken. That haven’t factor in the cost, if follow the ceiling price, I may need to stop my business. What for I do business, better working as salary earner.)

50 cents, sell 1000 chickens only RM500. I pity the poor uncle. And how the ministry came up with the ceiling price? The minister simply pluck a figure? Or dapat ilham when main golf? Do you listen to the chicken sellers? Or the suppliers? Or producers? The sellers claim they get the price from supplier is already quite high, they have no choice but to increase price. Then the suppliers said the cost of to rear chickens become more expensive because the price of the chicken food and transportation had increased. Do you take this into account before you set the ceiling price? Buat kerja betul-betul la.. Just because you want to look good in the eyes of rakyat, you squeeze the traders. Think of it if all the chicken sellers decided to quit, don’t want to sell chicken anymore, eat pasir lah you. Menyampah aku. You all tak menyampah ke? Everyday listen to this kind of craps.. Sungguhlah menyampah……


~ by bongkersz on September 16, 2007.

11 Responses to “Boikot Apa Hah? Menyampah Aku..”

  1. that’s simple economics .. interference is not good in this case. I must say that unecessary la actually. just make matters worst

  2. yea cibol, you yang study economics tolong bagitau minister bodoh itu..

  3. Yes yes yes. What a stupid poll! Haha. Boycott ayam? Duh! We dont have other choices la instead of ayam. How to boycott..?

    P.s: Bro Bong, do not take too much pork. Not so good although a lot of ppl claimed it delicious and yummy or what so ever. Serious sik sihat..

  4. I think our bang minister make a good comedian 🙂

  5. they are … fucktards!

  6. with the huge appetite of malaysians… no matter how expensive… sure all makan jugak… will have no adverse affect at all la.

  7. Boikot ayam? When I saw that poll that day, I was like “For real…as if that’s possible.” Stupid poll. And zewt has a point. LOL.

  8. yeah, typical malaysians, care for the perut more than anything.. pathetic. oh yeah, the point of this discussion is not about the poll. is about the dumb ministry, minister and government in total. oh also dumb malaysians for complaining and do nothing about it. it’s sad when some NGO need to stand up for the consumers, but the consumers not aware and don’t bother about their rights.

  9. I know, I read it. And I dont have any good comment on Malaysia’s consumers tho! But the poll sounds funny to me. 😛

  10. this is normal crap going on with this country… sms scam trying to make money out of anything. goverment oso not bother as we malaysian are not going to do anything about it and still continue buying chicken. everything going expensive but we still paying for it.

  11. the sms expensive oh ..

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