I can understand if they use water cannon or tear gas to disperse the crowd. But why real bullets? They may just killed innocent lives by doing that… Hmm, this is just the start up stories to the coming erection election. We definitely will see more of this kind of news in future, just wait and see.. Oh, I am talking about this, this and this… However, you may want to read something of a different account here. It is always good to read from both sides.. 🙂

Quote of the day :

“As far as the Chinese are concerned, better they suffer shrunken testicles then they lose their freedom and citizenship on top of that.”

I kinda agree with that.. Do you? I think it is safe to conclude that Malaysian Chinese testicles are smaller in size in comparison with their Chinese counterparts in other countries. Or maybe not? You tell me.. Why I agree with the above statement? I will tell you why next time 🙂

shrunken testicles – pengecut, wimp

Updated 11/09/07 – I am amazed at the skills of Malaysian politicians being able to sidetrack from the main issue and divert your attention to something totally unrelated or of less importance than the real issue… So, the riot in Terengganu, they are more concerned about the burning of flags, rather than the right of public to have a peaceful civil society event/gathering, how and what measures should be taken to ensure this kind of incident will not repeat itself again in future, or why when it supposed to be the duty of the police force is to ensure the safety of the public but they went there shooting live bullets? They were not there to confront robbers, why the need of live ammunition? What really happened at Pantai Batu Burok? I don’t understand what is happening lately.. Now the funny thing is.. I quote from this post :

The very ones who disallowed the ceramah to proceed and then used force to disperse the gathered rakyat are now to investigate the allegations that police agent provocateurs were at work on the night, that the force was excessive, that the refusal to issue a permit was political rather than considerations of safety?”

That is a bit like em.. say, you suspect this person was stealing from you, but then you ask him to investigate himself whether he did that or not… and tell you. Come on, the rot is too deep-seated, that is why we need an independent body that answers to no one but public to help find the truth. What happpened to IPCMC?

You can read more about this issue here, here and here.


~ by bongkersz on September 11, 2007.

4 Responses to “Why??”

  1. hahahaha… who is this shrunken testicle guy?

  2. The ‘shrunken testicles’ quote comes from Raja Petra Kamarudin of Malaysia Today (www.malaysia-today.net), and he was trying to provoke (in a good way) the Chinese into standing up for their own rights instead of always submitting quietly when threatened by UMNO’s Malay supremacist rhetoric.

    I am Chinese and it is a fair criticism of the way many (Malaysian) Chinese think and act. We Chinese complain about unfair treatment all the time but not many put that into action when it comes to the ballot box. Worse, many actively seek to cosy up to the very people who are eroding civil rights in this country.

    Some of us do however make a stand for our rights, and it is high time that many more do too — NOT along ethnic/religious lines but as free citizens of Malaysia, as Bangsa Malaysia. Defeat racist rhetoric by proving that there really is no race problem. Bullies thrive on fear; it is their source of power. Deny them that fear, and you will cut them down at the knees.

  3. […] Media Statement by BERSIH on Batu Burok Incident Continue from on Batu Burok clashes that I posted here. […]

  4. Fear and threats are a highly effective way to constitute political order.Just see Bush and Howard, they rule their polities through fear and threats in the context of the war on terror. In Malaysia? Play with your fear of racial clashes, mention 13 May 1969, most Malaysians, Chinese in particular will cower in fear, balls shrunken between their legs.. We should not live in fear, of uncertainties. Yes, deny them that fear, and we will cut them down at the knees.

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