Of Spending Wisely, Budget 2008 and Stupidity..

 Of spending wisely…..

Would you pay RM5k for something worth RM50? Most sane and even just slightly above retarded scale people will definitely say ‘Cheebuy.. you crazy ah?’ Apparently not for some of our Government officers. If you happened to read The Star yesterday and today on the Auditor-General’s Report. There are so many cases involving public fund mismanagement and list is long and sometime shocking!! Well, it does not come as a shock to me anymore. Everything, anything is possible now in Bolehland, true to the word Boleh!

Could you think of any reason other than corruption when it comes to cases like this? It is no longer smell fishy, for me it is more the smell of rotten, filthy, putrid decomposed, disgusting whatever shit that can be.. Smelling fishy cannot be applied here, not appropriate to describe the situation. Who the fark in their right mind will pay RM5k for something worth RM50? Or RM1k for something worth RM160? You and me know that something is really wrong with the system, with the people running our country when things like this happened. But you choose not to do a farking thing about it??

Yes, you complained a lot and protested when government raised prices for groceries, petrol.. Our brethrens and friends in government sectors rejoiced when the got their pay rise.. and expressed disappointments when they will not get any bonus this year according to the latest budget.. Well, it seems like everybody just care for their piece of carrot.. and nothing else. When it comes to issues like this we all go ‘Biasalah.. normal lah.. Malaysia mar…’ and we go about our life like usual, like nothing ever happened.. We are so screwed up to think that this issue, the mismanagement of public funds has nothing to do with us, ordinary joes and janes. That is very wrong, we cannot keep living in ignorance. Do something, a small random act of awareness by you will help change the situation. Express yourself, let those in power know that we are not happy with the way the manage things. We need to give a strong sign of dissatisfaction when we are dissatisfied. Whether they will respond to our sign, that is another thing. The initiative must come from us.

This is nothing political, this is about accountability, transparency, and honesty when dealing with OUR money. We pay for all this from our taxes. Oh so you don’t pay tax? If you eat at Kentucky, you drink coffee at Starbuck, you shop at shopping malls, you definitely pay your tax. Unless you stay in some underground cave, or jungle somewhere remote from civilization, you will pay tax. It is your money and how can you are not bothered when somebody blatantly use your money? Weird. People tends to shy away and regard this as a political issue, a way to pull them or persuade to vote against the government.

Something is gravely wrong the people scare of the government, the government they voted when it is supposed to be the other way round. Government should be afraid of the people, as we have the power to let them be the government and we can take it back.

Something to ponder

‘ The Government is very wrong if it assumes the public will just accept the wastage and will not angry.(I do not really see it as wastage.. it is definitely more than that, bigger issue than just ‘wastage’) The leaders keep saying the rakyat must spend wisely, but where is the leadership by example’

Hmm.. Forgive me for being cynical but maybe the guy is wrong. I think the public will just accept the wastage and will not angry. Want to bet?

Of budget 2008….

What the fark is wrong? Tell me, how the hell an unqualified teacher earn more than a qualified teacher? Oh you don’t know what I’m talking about? According to the Budget 2008, substitute teachers will be paid RM150 per day starting January 2008. Simple calculation will tell you he/she could easily earn a minimum of RM 3000 (RM 150 x 20 working days per month). And the funny thing is…. starting pay for a trained graduate teacher is about RM2k, or less. I don’t understand that… Somebody help me out here??? Correct me if I am wrong… (Fark.. I earn even less than a substitute teacher now.. Guys and girls.. don’t be an engineer.. or professionals.. It is a big big scam.. Trust me.. )

Of stupidity…

Seriously, I am sick of reading scams cases reported in the paper nowadays. Those victims are just damn farking dumb, they deserved it. And to think still so many dumbass out there believe in something so ridiculous… Hey YOU!! Tell me…

How the hell you think you won something when you never even heard of the competition/draw/(insert whatever shit here) in the first place? You never join, register or hear of it before and suddenly you were picked as a winner? 20 farking million? A bungalow? A big car?  And you believed it? Somemore after the fella told you to bank in some money as a ‘commision’ so that the prize/money will be given to you? A commision? Service charge? My ass!! If it is real, the company or organiser will pay for it lah, not you bongok!! Or just tell them to deduct it from the winnings. Cannot ah? Why the hassle of depositing your money where the person told you he or she will deposit it back to you after you get the winnings?

Dumb people deserve no sympathy, they deserve some good scolding then only they will learn.. Yes, I can be dumb too, you could scold me anytime I do something dumb, but do not sympathise me.


~ by bongkersz on September 10, 2007.

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