so fragile.

I received a sms from a friend yesterday afternoon…

‘life is so fragile n filled with unexpectancy…. dear bros and siss… live everyday as if its ur last day… live 2 de fullest of life 4 u n ur Love ones!!’

I thought it was just another forwarded sms although sounded a bit weird coming from that friend, so I disregard it and do my own things… And last night, I checked my phone there was a missed call from another friend who tried to call me around 1am. I was driving back from cyberia and serdang after sending cibol and rory, so I thought oh nothing lah.. tomorrow morning I will call him back. And this morning I received a shocking news. A good friend of us was found dead, believed to be slashed and repeatedly assaulted yesterday morning. I couldn’t believe him and I kept asking him “Is this for real? Not some kind of sick joke you guys are playing right?”

Man, I just talked to the guy last Sunday. And still smsed him on Monday and Tuesday asking for some price quotations. We always had our dinner together. He was staying alone and I hate eating outside alone so most of the time I just ‘tapao’ but he always asked me to join him for dinner so we could chit chat, crap about life.. friends.. future plans.. And now he’s gone forever… May his soul be blessed.. I miss you dude 😦

Let us learn to appreciate life and people around us more often. They say you don’t appreciate what you have until you no longer have it. How true..  Many times we don’t appreciate things and people until they are no longer a part of our lives. When we are in need, it is easy to get all religious(pray like never before), make promises, all in the name of getting our need satisfied. But, do we remember to show appreciation to those who help solve our needs? No matter how happy you get, never forget to be gratefully to those who made it happen, those who make you smile, those who challenged you to grow. You never know when they wont be around anymore. It cant be too early to show appreciation but can be too late.

“Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you.
Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.”
Ralph Marston

p/s:  I just read the news at The Star here


~ by bongkersz on August 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “ so fragile.”

  1. hey bong, he is my fiance’s colleague’s friend. what a small world. they said it’s no robbery and his head was almost severed? what’s with the funny sms he send ler…

  2. no robbery. his new satria neo, wallet, hp and other personal belongings not taken.. he was slashed at his neck..

  3. sms? oh, the sms was from another friend that heard the news, and i didn’t reply him or ask why he sent such sms. If i asked i will know the bad news earlier. I just realised, the way i wrote it, it was like my friend that was murdered sent me a sms. Sorry for the confusion..

  4. what’s going on in this cruel and bizarre world…

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