Tok Kok…

The last time I post was on 23rd July. Today is 9th of August.. Haha. Lazyness caught up with me. Being busy with work at office, back home feeling lazy so most of the time I will end up on the couch watching television. I am a self proclaimed TV freak. You can put any show on TV I will watch it… lol…For the past weeks, everyday routine would be – morning wake up, drive to work.. sit in front pc for a while, then occasionally go to site, go to authorities, go back office continue do design, lunch time, back to offic, etalk on phone, do bit calculations, go out site or see authorities again.. drive back home, tapao dinner, sit in front tv till feel sleepy.. go to sleep.. Damn!! What a boring life! Salted fish life will be more interesting than that…

Since I was in front tv most of the time, I watched the prime news everyday.. neh Buletin Utama, TV3. For the past few days… the farking news is food poisoning at school. Oh my foot! It came to a point it is farking annoying and irritating to hear about it. What the fark wrong with this country. 1st, the milk for school programme. What is so farking hard to make sure the milk is safe for drinking? Is it really hard? Hah? I was one of the lucky students to get 2 packets of milk when I was studying last time.  I forgot what brand already but definitely not that Jo Cerdik brand haha! And very rare during that  time I heard students kena food poisoning after drinking the milk. And that was what?? 15 years back? (Oh fark! I’m that old.. shit..) And back to the issue, so they suggested the milk programme to be scrapped and change it to other food. So you think that will solve the problem? Change to what? Karipap? Nasi lemak? Teh tarik? Roti canai? Eat roti canai won’t cause you food poisoning for sure lah? It is still about proper food preparation, delivery, storage.. In the end whatever food you want to introduce, the students are still exposed to the danger of food poisoning if it is not being handled properly. Change lah from milk to teh tarik ke, banana ke.. (but banana or fruits I never heard any food poisoning case… maybe a good idea hahhaa!) Yes, I still don’t get it. What so hard to tackle this problem? A developed nation heh? This crappy problem also cannot settle don’t dream of 2020 lah. Not being cynical but being a realist. Oh, the smart Menteri just now mentioned, since there are many cases involving school canteens and food poisoning, maybe the ‘smart’ solution is to put all the canteens under one big company that will manage the canteens. Wah!!!!!!!!! That’s very smart idea indeed!! And the director of that BIG company will be you know who. Another big shot. Monopoly. Just like the suppliers for school furnitures.. text books.. only given to certain people. Just take care of your own group of people mentality. Makan apa yang boleh.. Sapu semua!!

This topic is a bit old. But still I want to talk about it. The most famous topic at coffee shop. Malaysian football. The last I read, we are ranked 158th? or 154th? Anyway it is crappy lah. After the very bad perfomances by Malaysia in the AFC Asian Cup that day, the coach was sacked, the players humiliated, some big shots stepped down, some still clinging to their posts, Pak Lah issued directive barring all ministers from holding any post in sport associations (what about the royalties? Menteri Besar? Chief Ministers?). So what is the real problem with our football? Too much politiking? Lousy coaches? Lousy players? Unsupportive fans? Crappy fields? There are so many reasons but in my humble opinion it is the lack of developments in looking, training and containing the talents. The coach definitely not to shoulder the blame for the poor game that day. After all, only those ‘talented’ players are available for him, to choose from. Even you get Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho or Arsene Wenger or all the best coaches in the world to coach them, with these kind of materials, I doubt that we can produce any miracle. I feel sorry for Norizan really. And the players. They already do their very best. Sure they feel ashamed of their play, they have feelings, have pride. Nobody play to lose. Players in other successful footballing country start early. And they play a lot. Many games, since they are 7 – 12 years old. As the player gets older, he maybe play more games than any professional player in Malaysia. And that’s how they play better than us. Just look at the numbers of leagues, clubs… you can start playing football at any place and at young age. If you are talented enough, soon you will make your way up. And here? The only way to get noticed? School competitions? Then? Not many local leagues, those small leagues where you can keep on playing.. To make it simple, here we don’t have a proper, systematic development plan for our football, hell we don’t even know who is really in charge of the football development in this country. The state football association? Or the FAM? We need to have a proper plan on how to develop our football, from the searching of talents, academies for them to train, proper and qualified coaches, proper nutrition, clear path for the aspiring footballers so that they don’t have to sell burgers when not playing or play for a while then do other job because being a footballer in Malaysia don’t pay, we need to have more leagues, from villages, cities, states all the way to big leagues. More leagues, more games, more exposure for the players. We need only one authority in football that have full control over the football matters. All the clubs must strictly adhered to the guidelines and rules by the body before eligible to compete. This will solve all those financial problems, players don’t get paid bla bla… Man, I talk too much.. I will try to put this in proper writing maybe sometime later. For now, I need to go to sleep.. Tata…Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara.


~ by bongkersz on August 9, 2007.

11 Responses to “Tok Kok…”

  1. wahh… where have you been?????

    this football thing… to me, the main problem is that ppl doesnt see football as a good career. thus, it became a job for those who cant make it in education. seriously, i have a few friends who are really good and really skillful… but they decided to be doctors and engineers instead.

    just not enough monetary reward. and should there be any… it will probably only be channeled to certain ppl.

  2. can malaysian footballer get as much contract as david beckham? see, the money aspect of it is never there… and dude.. glad u still remember u got a blog 😛

  3. it’s a chicken and egg question. when we have lousy players, lousy league, no fans to watch, no income from ticket selling, advertising.. then less income for the players. hmm.. i think the decay started when they decided against tobacco companies to sponsor the leagues/teams. who should they look for? airline companies? (fly emirates), gaming companies? (mansion, betwin, telecommunication companies? (vodafone, orange) what we got here in malaysia?

  4. Go get astro…so life would be Korean, Japanese, Cantonese,..more global ma..better than slated fish lo 🙂

  5. *salted

  6. huh? .. like tv3 and RTM dun have all that ..

  7. So you DO remember you have a blog? (Clement,good one!*High Five*)

    About the football thing…I agree with this…

  8. mar, talk for yourself.. just scrolled back see how often you update your blog la… 😛
    lily, salted fish life.. is like what 😀 hang to dry?

  9. dont care la… i am going to watch badminton instead… world championship!

  10. zewt, malaysia is under pressure. they must win this round what so with the best players available this time 🙂

  11. Hey…my last post still quite recent what…unlike u go MIA for WEEKS! 🙂

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