Megan Fox vs Elisha Cuthbert

Check out this song from Eddie Dee. Not an official transformers song, but it rawks!!! Oh I love reggaeton! Hidup Bob Marley!! πŸ˜€

Eddie Dee – Transformers

It’s been a long time since I wrote something in this blog. So far behind compare to Cibol and to think about it, I was the one that urged him to start writing. I guess he got more craps to share than me, being a crappy dude he is…. bwahahahaha! Joking dude! Congrats to Cibol for his centurion post. I have no idea how many posts I have now.. hehe.. since I don’t post that quite often. Just now I went for a badminton session with some friends. Man, something really wrong with my right shoulder. Sharp pain when I rotate it, I suspect this must be the after effect of the accident with lorry last time. I blogged about it here. At first I thought the pain is just normal pain, after a while it will be fine. Since I do not experience any difficulties doing things using my right arm, just once in a while when I woke up, feeling crampy at my shoulder area I just ignored it. And lately it get more and more painful if I stress or try to rotate my shoulder. Maybe I should go and get it x-ray-ed. Haih.. cacat me 😦

I was chatting with a female friend just now. Some of the things that we talked about…

Q : Do you ever feel in some point of your relationship feel boring? Bored of the whole thing, the whole close together-ness, the you and him/her and you just want to have your own space?

A : Yes, definitely at some point, feel too full of him. That’s why we choose to stay apart for now. (She was staying with her bf for quite a long time, and recently stay apart and the reason given was they spend their time together too often, should try staying apart for now)

Q : If you are going out with somebody from the opposite sex, you will let your bf/gf know about it or not?

A : Oh, if he asks, I will tell. If not, then I keep quiet. (My thought exactly… hehehe)

Hmm.. got more questions and answers but I think it is not appropriate to put it out for reading like this πŸ˜› So you guys, be happy with the above lah.. haha! I went to watch Transformers last week. Damn cool movie shiet!! You guys must watch it. Although I feel that Michael Bay’s decisions to alter the look of Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave.. and all the bad guys to look more alien-biological-robot like is bit too much, but then the emphasize of bad guys vs good guys is more obvious in this movie. The Decepticons with their spiky, ugly mutated look certainly got that bad bad ass feel.. haha! And the movie is damn funny, I laughed all the way watching it. Totally worth my hard earned RM10 hehe. From the start of the movie till the end, actions, explosions… pretty chic… pretty chic again.. flash her butt, show her cleavage to me.. (oopps…got carried away there). Megan Fox is really one hot pretty shweet thing! Hmm… I still like Elisha Cuthbert in Girl Next Door.. haha! Er, no I don’t know.. I am confuse now.. Confused.. Very…

Megan Fox vs Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert strikes!!!

Megan Fox strikes back!!

This is delicious…

This not bad either..

Nothing to say..


Enough of nosebleeds… πŸ˜€

I should not talk about Altantuya case, sub judice mar.. bwahahaha! The case if somebody remake into movie, sure killer. Let’s see what we have. We got foreign interpreter bombed to pieces, a conspiracy theory involved 2nd most powerful man + arms deal + hundred millions, special force member ordered to kill and pleaded guilty of murder, top political advisor ‘framed’ for murder, change of judge at eleventh hour, a ‘photo’ that will reveal all wah.. recipe for success! Imagine 24, Prison Break, The Interpreter, SWAT, Mission Impossible, Da Vinci Code blended into one and only Made In Bolehland! Crap. But we like craps πŸ™‚ Malaysians like craps..

p/s : I created a still video with Eddie Dee’s Transformers song πŸ˜€ Enjoy the song!


~ by bongkersz on July 11, 2007.

10 Responses to “Megan Fox vs Elisha Cuthbert”

  1. ha ha ha .. still, I like megan

  2. drool!

  3. hahahaha… you and cibol both putting megan fox all over your blog eh? i think i will go for elisha… i think she looks better here.

    eh, better get your shoulder checked out la before it’s too late. if you leave it too late and if indeed it is a bone problem, the nerve could have died and it may never heal again… so get it checked out ASAP!

  4. wah so scary? ok ok.. will get it checked ASAP! thanks πŸ™‚ yeah, i like elisha too. megan looks a bit slutty there.. haha! elisha got that innocent look, yet so alluring.. she’s sending that ‘come get me’ message πŸ˜€

  5. ya dude .. it may leads to eractile disfucntion .. whatever that mean is .. LOL

  6. erectile disfunction la.. you drunk or what.. πŸ˜€ er.. why looking at her will get ED? I thought it will be more stimulating?? weird lah you dude..

  7. Bong,I think Arch was talking about your shoulder there…and you really need to get it x-rayed laa…u know la me…I tot mine was just a sprain maa…turned out to be bone fracture…better safe than sorry…x-rey…

    **and the plot thickens**

  8. ya .. i was talking about ur shoulder ..

  9. ahhh…ahhh uhhhh ahhh uhhh ahh ahh ah ah a a a a ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    wo thks man!

  10. no problem dude, come back for more! πŸ˜€

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