My Celebrity Look-alikes??

You heard of what happened  to WWE wrestler Chris Benoit already? Apparently, he may have killed his wife and 7-year-old son before committing suicide himself. Sad to hear that, he’s one of my favourite wrestlers. 😦 Let us extend our condolences and prayers to the surviving members of his family and their loved ones in this time of tragedy.

Got nothing to do, so I went to this website to have some fun bwahahaha! Used to visit the site last time when wrote about it. And just now I was browsing through my friends profile in Friendster and I saw this thing again. People just love celebrities. If someone say you look like this hunky, suave actor or pretty and sexy actress you sure feel damn bangga (proud) heh? Haha! Here are the results of my celebrities lookalike. 

1st try. Hmm, all less than 70%, tak boleh pakai lah.. But 62% Katie Holmes lookalike? 61% Jolin Tsai lookalike? WTF….

I tak puas hati (don’t satisfied) with the result so I try again… WTF!! Ariel Sharon!! Yao Ming!! Bwahahahahaha!!!

And again… Now this time, Gillian Chung?? Haha 😛

Another try… Aik? Gillian Chung again…. 😀

And again… -_-||| Now I’m thinking of sex change or part time sell my ass at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman..

Still tak puas hati, going to fool the software a bit…  Duh!! Nothing to say.. with the beard everything still WTF!! Mary-Kate Olsen.. Huh!

Last try… %*&(!@**F$!~!!!@# I really look that girly meh.. Cheebuy!!

Tak mau main lagi la.. (Don’t want to play anymore..)


~ by bongkersz on June 27, 2007.

9 Responses to “My Celebrity Look-alikes??”

  1. ha ha ha .. this website is full of crap la

  2. why on earth wwe wrestlers now died at young age? benoit looks scary inside the ring and outside, mcm ada mental problem. i missed eddie guerrero actually..missed his car..hehehe

  3. eh… u got a ring underneath your lips?

    i said it before i will say it again… damn gay ler some pics… careful when you’re in the gym… watch your back… literally… kakakaka

  4. yeah, got ring. cheebuy you zewt! 😀 i will wear one dozen of underwear to protect my backside, thanks for your concern/advice kakakakakkaa

  5. hehe.. bro. ok wat look katie holsen… as long as look like celebrity right. hihihi… funny la.

  6. hahahahahaha…need i say more? lol…

  7. never knew ur very feminine ..

  8. u look lyk ammu in some pic..wekekekeke! auntie bong!

  9. 😀 thank you guys.. lol.. lol..

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