Borneo International Tattoo Convention

Just want to share this piece of news. A farking cool event will be held during this weekend in Sibu, Sarawak. Quote from the official website :

The 2nd Borneo International Tattoo Convention 2007, will bring together international acclaimed tattoo artist from all over the world and also local talents, whereby the Art of tattooing will be highlighted by traditional performances, traditional music, cultural dances, tribal peace offerings to the spirits and parades from all the major tribal cultures and what is left of the elders who were tattooed the way it was a long time ago … so in other word bringing you back in time when the tattoos worn by the individual glorifies the life of the oneself.

So guys, feel free to drop the event by if you are around the area. Or buy a ticket, fly to Sibu 🙂 Let’s get inked! Bwahahahaha!


~ by bongkersz on June 25, 2007.

8 Responses to “Borneo International Tattoo Convention”

  1. my cam rosak lah~ i will not be able totake pics… i ask another blogger to do that for me lah~

  2. yeah yeah! post up the photos! eh dude you are staying in sibu?

  3. he is in sibu la dude

  4. So anyone in the blogosphere (specifically in our small blogroll) gettin a tattoo?
    Make sure put up d pics…lol.

  5. i am contemplating, to go or not to go.. sibu this weekend 😀 lol lol… haha!

  6. u and cibol come sibu la… ha ha, use bus ma..

  7. Wah got international tattoo convention kah? I never come across this one leh. Must tell my friend about it coz he is a person who is so crazy over tattoo.

  8. clementwong : haha! me in kl now heh..
    erina law : yupp. this is the 2nd convention. last year also in sarawak, cultural village, kuching. tell your friend to visit then hehe..

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