Free Holiday Voucher Anyone?

I have no idea how many times I got this kind of sms, but to get 3 smses from the same company in a period of 5 months? You guys ever get this kind of sms? 😛

‘ Congratulations! VISIT MALAYSIA 2007 has chosen MR BONG XXXX XXXXXX (correct full name), i/c number 8XXXXX-XX-XXXX (correct ic!), as our lucky winner for HOLIDAY VOUCHER 2 days 1 night for 6 pax at our 6 places in Malaysia… Sponsored by Lxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx Sdn. Bhd. More information pls call this number 019261xxxx ms. nxxxxxx. tq.”

They managed to get the name and ic no. correctly. I think most of us ever encounter this kind of sales pitching, where your information is obtained by some strangers, suddenly call your office or mobile phone to sell insurance, holiday packages bla bla.. Most of the time I kena insurance lar.. The ‘default’ opening line will always sound like this :  ‘Oh Mr. Bong, congratulations! You are selected among… / You have won yourself…… ” So you know what to do when you heard that. Feign bad connection, pretend don’t understand English/Mandarin/Malay or whatever language they used to talk to you, make battery flat sound.. whatever necessary. Most of the time I will go like ‘Wai?? Wai? Hello? Yaa yaa… Har??! Kenot hia you lar bruder!! Wattt wat??? Kol bek kol bek.. Line no gud hia..Soli soli” bwahahahahahaha! Then off hp 😀 But if call office phone.. er, just say busy lor, got meeting. Sometime very hard to say no on the phone when the person keep on blabbering..

So back to the sales pitching thing, I wonder, it is legal for our information to be passed around like that? Your credit card no. I/C no. etc without our consent? They are so good, you see I seldom answer call which the number I don’t recognise on my mobile, so I will ignore the call, but 5 mins later my office phone will ring!! So they got my mobile no, office no, maybe my office address, my home address. If they can get hold of my photostated I/C maybe can use to apply some loan from some Ah Long Finance Company and I will be in deep shiet hehe..

Oh ya, today is Cibol 1st day at work, congrats dude for stop lazy-ing your ass at home. I was thinking of introducing you this job with Uncle Ho already if you still jobless. Haha! Lot of vacancies!! 😀 Happy day at work dude!


~ by bongkersz on June 16, 2007.

9 Responses to “Free Holiday Voucher Anyone?”

  1. you will be surprise how information about you is circulated around… anyway, thanks for the tips bro. i have been receiving a lot of telemarketing calls and that “kol bek kol bek” tactic is…. gooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

  2. spooky how private info can so easily be passed around…REAL spooky!

    Haha…that Uncle Ho thing…funny…haha…

  3. Mr Bong ar..!! Ini dari Ah Long mana sikalang???!

  4. harr?? apa?? apa itu long? Wa bukan dekat sg. long. salah olang lah.

  5. Hallo! I got this sort of call also! Free! Free! But got to pay for membership!! So where got free?? Have a nice day.

  6. all f**king marketing gimmik la. I use to work for some other company like that. sms scam maybe. talk to jeffooi. hehe.

  7. thanks for dropping by my lousy n useless blog… 😉

    those scam tel u is free then in the end sure need pay tis n tat…

  8. hey…its me d’fish (Malaysian Mind), change to new site now.. (Shaky Fish)…hehe change of wind la…. time to go global now..

    tell a friend k… bookmark me.

    cheerz n keep blogging!

  9. […] ZAM: “I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you! (lol this trick I always use, see my post ‘Free Holiday Voucher Anyone?‘ […]

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