3 words game

I remember having fun with this game when I was hooked to Utopia – a free interactive online game at Swirve.com where members of the kingdom will create a thread just for this game beside threads for strategies, war schedules bla bla. I guess everybody just love to read something that contains partly his or her idea. We always love to see the end result of something that we were involved in and or contributed. The feeling of being part of something. And it was fun! Reading the stories that we created just damn hillarious. We had stories that are confusing, funny, downright outrageous, weird and senseless most of the time and some stories turned out pretty good haha! So, let start a story on this blog of mine and hope we can make up something creative heh? Just post your 3 words to the words given in your comment and as the story gets longer I will combine it and decide when to stop 🙂 Have fun guys! Appreciate you leaving some comments for the story.. Hehe.

“Jeng jeng jeng… Sweet Purple Grapes, our new product that tastes like grapes? What the I love u. Just add some I *heart* grape, but then Yoda, the Yogi’s twin who lives in a weird palace, he’s an asshole without an ass. He is the king of queens. He loves to eat nasi lemak with sambal belacan. He f*cks like a horny ass days and nights with doggie next door. It does hurts but he doesn’t give a fuck because it’s syiok and mind bending. Farking good man! Yogi the twin wants to die and rot there to be resurrected and he knows that he will be sex god, a boring one. What the heck? Barney the gay-dinasour……

p/s : imsomniac me got nothing better to do, you must forgive me :p

bongkersz : oi, at least make sure there is a continuity to the story la guys… 😀 (2.22am 17/06/07)

bongkersz : cibol, apa erti ya? mana kesinambungan cerita itu.. lol… (0013 18/06/07)


~ by bongkersz on June 16, 2007.

42 Responses to “3 words game”

  1. 1) Sweet Purple Grapes

  2. .., our new product..

  3. ….that tastes like…….

  4. ..grapes? What the..

  5. I love u

  6. Just add some….

  7. i *heart* grape

  8. ..but then Yoda..

  9. ……., the Yogi`s twin…..

  10. who lives in

  11. a weird palace

  12. he’s an asshole

  13. ..without an ass

  14. . He is the………………

  15. king of queens

  16. ..He loves to…

  17. eat nasi lemak…..

  18. with sambal belacan

  19. .He f*cks like…..

  20. a horny ass….

  21. days and nights..

  22. with doggie nextdoor..

  23. it does hurts

  24. but he dont…..

  25. give a *tut*

  26. What game is this? Only can play online? Offline no can do?? Have a nice day.

  27. horny, just add 3 words to comment by the last person 😀

  28. cont.. ‘because it’s syiok..’

  29. and mind bending

  30. .Farking good man!

  31. Yogi the twin……..

  32. wants to die.

  33. and rot there

  34. to be resurrected..

  35. and he knows

  36. that he will….

  37. be sex god..

  38. a boring one

  39. what the heck?

  40. .Barney the gay-dinasour..

  41. barney no gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. ..(amoi in denial)

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