So, KL was hit by flash floods again during a heavy downpour last night. Really bad this time. Some photos, taken from gallery :

So when KL hit by flash floods, this will happen :

For more go see for yourself at here

So the SMART tunnel is not ready yet. The contruction of water retention ponds and other flood mitigation projects are still on-going, only after all these are completed then only our ‘SMART’ tunnel is fully operational. We will see then 🙂

So we have no choice to wait loh…

So SamyVellu was caught plagiarising? Aiyoh, give him a break lah, at least he tried his best to mengampu his boss, showing off his poetic side. Or is it copy-et side? What you say Cibol? 😛

So users of the SMART tunnel will be charged RM2, effectively  from 11.59pm on June 14… RM2 for a mere 3km. So SamyVellu said they spent a lot for the construction of the tunnel, RM2 is ciput lar compare to Hongkong… bla bla (So he did the comparison again lar.. like usual)

So our PM got his new life partner, now he is a happier person we hope he can do more for Malaysia. As he said ‘A happy Prime Minister can do a lot of good work’ :) Congrats Pak Lah.

So again women are blamed for failed marriage, and this time suprisingly came from a respected woman 🙂 Sad… I am referring to the news in TheStar “Ng: Time not right to hire Chinese maids”. Quote : “ The little dragon ladies from China are wrecking marriages by enticing husbands and affecting mainly rural wives who often suffer in silence, said Wanita MCA chief Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen”. Read here if you have no idea what I am talking about. (Oh I doubt many of you will understand after reading, but tidak mengapalah.. So what right?)

So I chatted with a friend, a girl and we touched on the issue of voting. She said she will not register as a voter, and are not planning to do so. So I told her, what is the difference between her and an Indonesian (I mean foreigner lah… ) if she is a Malaysian but choose not to use her vote. I bet most of you reading this have not register to vote yet. And do not plan to do so. So have you register to vote? I will not start on the issues such as ‘no point voting, as it will make no difference.. bla bla.. my vote make no impact.. bla bla..’ It is because many of us thinking along this line lah we always end up with some stupid dumbass MPs making decisions for us. And then we complain and rant when things not going well. I tell you, blame yourself. If you do not exercise your vote (be it you are voting for the government or the opposition), you do not have any farking right to complain. You are no different than any Indon, or Bangla, or Vietnamese bla bla…. Yes, you have Malaysian IC. So what?


~ by bongkersz on June 11, 2007.

6 Responses to “So?”

  1. a guy commented in my blog saying that if the retention pond is completed and there’re still floods… they are going to build a giant fan to blow all the clouds away…

    i have got a friend who said she will register and vote for BN… so i think she better not register haha!

  2. At least she vote mar, so she will feel partly responsible for the party she voted. And if the party she voted screw up, the she will feel the guilt… (And we can always kutuk her : Niamahhhhhhhh!! Why lah you voted for BN!! See! Leaking everywhere… :P) better than not voting at all..

  3. he he he .. the tunnel thing, the tol charges came out first rather than the functions .. ha ha ha

  4. pls let me know when is the next grand sale for boats! sampan pun jadi lah.

  5. we should suggest to the government to make flash floods as one of our tourist attraction. Still not to late to feature it for our Visit Malaysia 2007. Prepare kayak, sampan siap siap then when the flood come, we can make some money from the tourists.. And nobody will laugh at us for having flash floods anymore, because it is officially our tourist attraction 🙂

  6. haha…
    flood=tourist attraction…

    Nice layout btw…

    P/s-why everyone gt new banner/layout one?! I WANT!!!!

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