Question : What is the difference between panties of 1970 and 2007?
Answer : In the 70’s you had to pull down panties to see the buttocks.
In 2007, you have to separate the buttocks to see the panties. 😀

Have you seen this advertisement from DiGi? It is the dumbest + silliest ad I ever see…. I do not know want to laugh or what after seeing the ad on tv when it first came out. Ha ha! It is not ha ha ha but it is weird ha ha! I just feel dumb after watching it.. 

The ad starts with two guys climbing rocks. Then this one fella lost his grip, causing him to slip down and pull his mate in the process. Both of them hanging in midair and this one fella throws the magic question, “What are our chances of surviving?” which his friend replies “50-50″. Then this weird looking fella start making some funny facial expressions and suddenly moving excitedly, hands in the air, both legs kicking and shouting ”Ho ho! Yo ho! Yea!!”, then waves his hands like a bird and he flies up to this one big billboard with DiGi 50-50 promotion, cars and motorbikes flying out from the billboard.

….   ………..   ……………… Duhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Why the fark they came up with something like this?? It is hazardous, seriously. Watching it will make you become dumber and you will become less productive when you are dumb. And dumbness is contagious, so those in contact with you will become more or less like you. ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ mar 😀 When dumb-ass-ses rule the world, it is the end of the  world. Hint : Bush  

p/s : You can view the clip here or you can even download it here. Em I decided to infect those who come to my blog so I post the video together with this post as well haha! Warning! : View at your own risk! 😀 😀


~ by bongkersz on May 31, 2007.

6 Responses to “50-50”

  1. think about it… the fact that you remember this advertisement… it has already achieved its objective… whether it is good or not is irrelevant.

  2. haha funny… as you banner says…dont argue with an idiot…

  3. connection tat bad tat i can’t view it.. but.. i have yet to see anyone wearing thong

  4. wahahahahahaha…digi users, angkat kaki pls! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…digi’s creative team are out of ideas, so they end up making a REAL stew-pid advert. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

  5. Digi & Maxis, both no applicable to me as live in rural area so only celcum can do.

  6. “angkat kaki”?
    (tau takpe, tak tau buat2 tau)

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