She left her panties again..

A girl ‘accidentally’ left her sandals in my car. In the front seat. So these few days, I keep getting questions like ‘Hey.. whose sandals is that?’ ‘Woi, siapa punya sandal??’ ‘Har… I know I know.. ‘ I just smiled 😀 So, girls love to leave something to the guy, ‘accidentally’ or purposely to make a point or what? ‘Accidentally’ like leave something girly in your car or in your house such as high heels, hair pins, lipsticks, bra and panties (ok no la.. haha!). Also maybe purposely like asking you to put her photo in your wallet, bought you a photo-frame complete with her photo or two of you for your birthday, put tons of soft toys in your car (guy don’t buy soft toys to decorate his cars ok??? Definite the gf did that, or his sister lor…… haha) etc. Or this one, imagine this : you and your gf go out shopping, while your gf was busy choosing things you saw a cute chick and she was smiling at you then she looks at your hand and.. Urghh!! Her smile fade away..  Then you realise you are holding your gf’s handbag.. Duh! Haha!

Maybe the purpose is to tell the other girl that ‘This guy is mine! Stay away!’ ‘I am here before you.. haha! Now you know there is another girl..  So back off!’ ??? :D Maybe you never intentionally do it, plan it in such a way so that you will put your ‘mark’ at some strategic places to enhance the effects when other see the ‘mark’, but can it be in our subconcious mind, we will always try to make it obvious that we ’own’ her/him. We want people to know about this ‘ownership’. And to do that,  you ‘mark’ your ‘belonging’. It is like animals marking their territory. Ever see how dog do that? Go figure. So, you ever notice how your gf/bf ‘accidentally’ left their things with you or you just realised it now? You should know by now whether the guy/girl you are after is available or not he he he.. Share your ideas guys.. and girls..

p/s : I don’t imply or encourage that a guy should busy oogling other girls while together with her gf, so her gf don’t have a choice but to stamp her ‘ownership’ on him to prevent him from flirting around….He he he..  Oh yea, the title caught you attention leh… bwahaha!


~ by bongkersz on May 26, 2007.

20 Responses to “She left her panties again..”

  1. hahahaha….i’ve experienced this too! even i don’t realise until he called me he left something inside my car…y don’t ppl just leave their money behind…at least they drop rm50, so that i can lepak2 at food court and use that money to buy food. 😀

  2. Congratulation!! Ha! Ha! U have just being ‘mark’ by a lady.Be aware that ladies r generally very processive. Sine she started by leaving something in ur car, then perhap u can also started by makeing some ‘deposit’ in her???!!! Have a nice weekend.

  3. lola : i wish that too haha
    hornyangmoh : making ‘deposit’? need open ‘account’ first bro 😛

  4. lucky you

  5. lucky? no lucky like dat .. saham jatuh. ha ha ha

  6. hahaha… guys should ask their gf to wear the team jersey they support when they go pubs together.

  7. ha ha ha .. go watch 3 straight games with her just for saturday .. ha ha ha .. see if they can stand

  8. clement: lucky?? haha
    cibol : bukan saham naik meh? hehe.. watch 3 games straight.. yeah good idea 😛 since we also accompany them shopping 3 shopping complexes and more 😛
    zewt : so you and your gf wear same team jersey when go pub? 😀 Lol, I’m imagining gf wear arsenal, the guy wear mu. haha!

  9. that one still ok mar, rival sikit la .. one man city one man u .. double header.

  10. Bong,i ‘accidentally’ left sumthng in ur car leh..;p

  11. cibol : haha that will be fun to see what will happen eh?
    mar : yeah? what the ‘sumthing’ you left in my car?

  12. Bong..i ‘accidentally’ left something in ur car also wor december last year.. =)

  13. may : you also? why my car? why???????

  14. bong, u left siao bees in my car!!!!! wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

  15. Bong,see if u can find it lah. ;p

    Why ur car?
    *heart* ur car…bwahahahaha…

  16. lola : hehe.. got meh? it was me confused which plastic of sio bees was mine 😀 end up you got the one with more sio bees inside haha!
    mar : it must be obvious lah, so that everyone can see without trying to look for it…

  17. …and why not ur car?…why not??..

  18. I was in a the car of someone-i-like-but-i-know-he’s-attached recently,and thanks to this post,i suddenly had the idea of leaving my sandals in his car. LOL. Now what message would I be giving him you think?

  19. wermm … maybe th answer to ur question is “I can’t use sandals coz my foot got cast?”

  20. OI!
    I not yet use cast lah then…
    Now,yealah…think I use selipar jepun go work 2mrw…(@_~)”

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