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So you heard the good news heh? Sadly if you are not the lucky 4%, you are getting none of it! Haha~! I am so proud that we are among the countries with the highest number of civil servants. Is it good or what? You decide. Forget about this crap, barking non-stop will not change a thing in Malaysia. What I understand from all this is, one group of people is supporting other group of lazy ass no matter how bad they perform their jobs. Read the Proton compensation to the dealers news? What the fark, so you decide to open business and you found out you cannot make money anymore, you are entitled for compensation? Oh there are not complaining about the compensation, they are complaining that the amount too LITTLE!! Cheebuy, give you compensation is already unreasonable for me, some more said the amount not enough? Come on la, any businessman should know either you make money or you eat shit. So you are getting shit because of your decision in the 1st place. Should we pity you if you go bankrupt? So what if you lose RM20k per month. Why you are in the business then? Do other business lah! Sell burgers or vcd or what shit, don’t become Proton dealers lah fark…  Really don’t understand this give and take mentality. How to be successful? How you expect you can get 30% of the wealth if you never learn the way to be a REAL businessman? Going through enough hardships, taking shits left right centre until you can take it all and make it on your own? Rather than hoping for subsidies, allocated projects, compensations bla bla.. Give give give give.. no wonder we still not much different from what we were before.

Liverfool lose to AC Milan last night 1-2. Didn’t get to watch the match, but.. haha! So,  no Champions League Cup, no Premier League title for a decade and what they keep harping on is the club achievements, won how many European Cups, how many league titles before.. Come on la, forget about the history, people are going to make history not quoting some historical facts every now and then πŸ™‚

Pak Lah did good when he told Samyvellu to shut the fark up and do his job. Bwahahahaha! At last something say something like that to Samy.  He should go for good, we can do better without him.

Mar  is in Shah Alam. I will help bring her around, since she hoping on that so much haha~! And I will show my face at her convocation, as a good friend I am πŸ™‚ Congrats Mar, you make it after all, just to realise that you are getting into another race, rat race πŸ˜€ Kah kah kah! Welcome to the animal farm (got this from Zewt post here)

2 of my uni friends are getting married this week. Oh just last week another friend got married as well. Wah.. suddenly I feel so old! Why everybody getting married soon!!!!??? πŸ˜€ Obviously, I am not cut to be a ‘husband’ just yet hahaha!

I met many friends lately, most of them when I asked them, how’s work bla bla.. The answer will be ‘Sucks!’. Then I proceed to ask them, ‘If sucks, then why keep on doing it?’ The answer will be ‘No choice lor…’ or something like that. Then if I asked them would them like to try something else, and I proceed on telling them.. the answer will be ‘I have no interest doing that’. That keep me puzzled…. So waking up everyday 7am, get in the jam and work your sorry ass till 6.30pm every day, kena whack by boss, clients.. is your interest? Actually we are forced to do things we like it or not, work in field we like it or not just because we want to cari makan, earn some money, eat good food buy a car, buy a decent house bla bla..  Don’t you think? And how many of us can get job that we ‘interested’ in? My interests is sleep, eat, watch tv… go holidays.. bla bla.. that’s my interests..  :D  How about yours?


~ by bongkersz on May 24, 2007.

9 Responses to “Random Post”

  1. all those are scams to pass cash to certain type of ppl.. c’mon… sam jiu la… bloody proton… been raping the country since its incorporation. u know proton sold overseas are cheaper (after converting) and of better quality?

    hahaha… i wish Mar all the best

    and yeah… MAN U rulezzzz!!!

  2. Thanks Bong! Looking fwd to 2mrw nite,or 2nite actually since its past 12 n im still up..hope u x get urself n us lost..lol..2 bad u gt plans dy sat nite cuz we gonna have makan kesyukuran cum farewell tht nite..hehe.
    Zewt,thanks! =D

  3. zewt : i heard that, but is it true? anybody verify that piece of information? πŸ™‚ aiyoh, we had been raped countless times lar.. literally bled to death long time d. best scams in the world can be found here..

    mar : yeah… hhehee..

  4. the proton thing, yes it’s true. it is cheaper and of better quality. my lecturer used to work with proton, she slammed one of the managers because of saying proton is implying kaizen system and when she asked him what’s kaizen, he dunno. ha ha ha .. oh, my lecturer used to work/study in japan so I think she at least know what’s kaizen is all about.

  5. “Kaizen (ζ”Ήε–„, Japanese for “change for the better” or “improvement”; the English translation is “continuous improvement” or “continual improvement”).

    In the context of this article, Kaizen refers to a workplace ‘quality’ strategy and is often associated with the Toyota Production System and related to various quality-control systems, including methods of W. Edwards Deming.

    Kaizen aims to eliminate waste (defined as “activities that add cost but do not add value”). It is often the case that this means “to take it apart and put back together in a better way.” This is then followed by standardization of this ‘better way’ with others, through standardized work.”

    Doesn’t sound like Proton at all.. bleh! What crap fantastic word they memorised then repeat it on tv to sound canggih manggih so we the dumb one will hoo haa over the term…

  6. it’s true… i have got a friend who used to drive a proton iswara export model…looks damn cool from the inside. and the engine is much better… he got it thru connection.

    as for the price well… i dowan to depress u further.

  7. ha ha ha .. should be around 30k gua

  8. I guess it is much more lower than that. Remember thatn car prices at other countries is much more cheaper compare to us… maybe 15-20k lah proton for export? πŸ™‚

  9. oh ya .. make it 15 k my bet then .. ha ha ha

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