Apa Bocor?

It is very interesting to read about the ‘leak’ issue. The way the MPs involved tried to explain themselves, the way some MPs turned it into a political issue, an opposition vs government issue. Damn hillarious. Let see what they said

” The MPs did no intend to offend women or their feelings. They just got angry at the Batu Gajah MP during the parliment proceedings”

Duh, they should they that kind of statement will offend women and hurt their feelings. Angry or not, they as civilised anc cultured monkeys parlimentarians should be careful of the words they use. Oh just a thought, what will happen if the MPs are from the opposition? Can they be angry and unintentionally make this kind of statement? I wonder.

 ”Nazri said he had instructed the two to meet Shahrizat and did not rule a possibility of the duo apologising to women in general but not to Fong” “I personally think they should not apologise to Fong”

This is even funnier. Apologising to women in general but not to Fong. So obvious they treat this as a political issue, which is a farking damn wrong approach. It is male chauvistic pigs vs women lah! And Fong is not a woman?? And that last statement. They should apologise to Fong and women in general. To Fong because they directed the remarks to her. To Fong because she is a woman, and no real man treat woman that way. To woman in general because they intended the statement to Fong, and unintentionally caused women in general to be angry. Nazri, damn bangang fella.. to make this kind of statement.

 ”Bung Mokhtar said he would listen to what Shahrizat had to say and decide what to do. “I will explain my side of the story,” he said, adding that he would not apologise to Fong or any other member of the opposition”

Oi, bodoh, you are right you should not apologise to Fong or any other member of the opposition, but you should apologise to your mom, your sister, your daughter, your grandmother, all the female MPs in BN + opposition and women in general for that ‘bocor’ remark. And since you like it so much saying ‘Balik/keluar lah kalau tak suka” You should get this ” Balik Sabah lah… Belajar lagi macam mana jadi lelaki, lepas itu baru fikir hendak jadi MP!”

So the duo will meet Datuk Shahrizat Jalil tomorrow. Guess what, I already know what she will say tomorrow after the meeting. Why not we play a game? Guess what she will say to the media after the meeting? No prize for guessing because it is damn farking easy. My guess will be, something along the line of..

“Saya sudah berjumpa dengan mereka berdua. Mereka sudah beri PENJELASAN kepada saya. Saya BERPUAS HATI dengan PENJELASAN mereka. Mereka tidak ada niat untuk menghina kaum wanita dan saya TERIMA PENJELASAN mereka. Saya harap isu ini SELESAI di sini.”

“I meet them already. They gave their explanations to me and I am satisfied with their explanations. They did not have the intention to offend women and and I accept their reasons. I hope we can move on and put this issue behind”


~ by bongkersz on May 17, 2007.

20 Responses to “Apa Bocor?”

  1. SELESAI di sini? what the fuck…. some ppl are just above the law…

    they can make such thing and then say it’s a joke…

    imagine we say… eh… u muka macam babi… semalam makan char siew kah? and then say it’s a joke… can or not?

    oh yeah… sam jiu ler…

  2. sam jiu lor… πŸ˜€

  3. ha ha ha .. sam jiu sam jiu … babi is not a very sensitive issue here, back when I was studying (my uni and matric) babi seems to be the hardest word .. ha ha ha. In the end i have to use the word janek. bwahhahaha

  4. i thought sorry seems to be the hardest word?? πŸ˜› elton john. haha!

  5. Wats sam jiu? Lol..

  6. hehe, go read zewt’s blog lar, he posted about ‘sam jiu’. I am not telling haha!

  7. sam jiu lor .. it’s babi now .. ha ha ha

  8. Oh? Off to zewt’s aft this then…hehe.

  9. Paip rumah i bocor lah..boleh fix ke bang?

  10. lar kura-kura, tak payah fix, you kan ada cangkerang keras then you boleh masukkan kepala sembunyi bawah tu. Tak basah la :p :p

  11. kura kura dalam perahu, pura pura enda nemu.

  12. haha…tiba2 got kura kura…mana arnab leh? LOL.

  13. arnab mati kena pantap

  14. Isk isk…cruelty to animals…

  15. oi.. topic is apa bocor, serious issue.. what arnab arnab kura kura.. πŸ˜€

  16. who was the engineer?

  17. bong the engineer

  18. siapa bong! pukul dia!

  19. It fells really disgusting to see our MP’s treating issues it this manner. They should be kicked out of Parlimen and sent back to language school, and this time make sure the pass BM and ENG, at least then they wont be speaking like idiotic pigs that live in Kampung’s.

    So embarrassing to have people like this (mindset of a male PIG) who speak like stupid kampung idiots with no sense of the modern world, running our country. Imagine if you send the ‘you tube’ of their parlimen feud to America or England…. dont go so far la…send to Singapore… what will they say…. Malaysia run by kampung idiots who treat women like their floor mats.

  20. even kampung people behave better than them man πŸ™‚

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