Selamat Hari Guru, Cikgu!

Today is 16th May. A day to remember the teachers, lecturers, tutors, sifu sifu etc. for their contributions in sharing and giving their valuable knowledge so that one day people like you and me can write in proper English (Sorry Mdm. Swaran, my English still below your expectation, my bad) or so that we can get a better result, get into a better uni, get a better job, earn a better salary. Ha ha! How I wish it was that easy 🙂

IMHO teaching is a rigorous yet frequently underrated challenge. To be a good teacher one must have the passion and dedication, not just treating it just like another job. Sure they get paid but I believe nothing beat the satisfaction of being able to spread the knowledge and see the students learn and use the knowledge to be a better person one day that keep them going on. Teachers never ask to be remembered, but this is the least that we can do for them. What I have become today, there are so many great teachers who had guided me along the way. (Hope that I have turned out to be someone decent enough for them to be proud of ha ha ha!) And for that I will like to wish all the teachers out there a Happy Teacher’s Day. You are special, please keep the torch burning!  I’m forever indebted. Gracias~!


~ by bongkersz on May 16, 2007.

10 Responses to “Selamat Hari Guru, Cikgu!”

  1. wah lau… it has been so long since i hear this phrase… hari guru. remember those days when we always look forward to such day cos it means we dont need to study… only play…

    haha… now i am being reminded of hari kanak-kanak!

  2. It has being a long long time since I left school.Yes, I also wish my teacher happy t-day. Expecially to a few of my fav teacher who all happen to be ladies with great shape. I am very very sure that all my teacher will be very very disappointed to know one of their ‘good’ student have turned in to a ‘hor ny ang moh’. Have a nice day.

  3. wish them happy birthday .. ha ha ha .. I remember I use to sing with Cikgu Rambo on Teacher’s Day. It’s like teachers performance day liddat .. cheebuy .. think of it, Rambo not that bad la .. just doing his job but then u know la rascal like me .. ha ha ha. happy teacher’s day to all teachers..

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  5. Nice one Bong..short n sincere..
    Make me feel guilty x post abt teacher’s day..huhu..
    Anyhow,to all those teachers ive had d pleasure of studying wit..hope i have n will continue to make u proud..amen!=)

  6. wah, so many comments in one day 😀

    zewt : yeah, the day where the students can relax, no need to study haha! hari kanak kanak? why?

    horny ang moh : what is not good about being horny ang moh? eh you are really ang moh meh? 😛 or just your hair is ‘ang’ haha! oh teachers with great body shape.. ehem ehem.. yeah yeah I remember that (grinning)

    cibol : rambo your idol mar, everybody knows about it

    mar : it’s the thought that counts. selamat hari guru~!

  7. that time i remember we will be given food and also no need to study wan… damn nice…

  8. the best damn thing .. ha ha ha. now ah, give free milk got food poisoning .. ha ha ha. dunwan liddat

  9. hope my future student still wish me “Happy Teacher’s Day” even they are oredi working like u la, bong..hehehe…

  10. sonnetprix : your student sure will, they have a pretty and good teacher teaching them 😀

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