A Professional Blogger??? Are You?

 Let me quote something from The Star I read today.

Zam : Classify bloggers -‘Differentiate between professionals and non-professionals’

Malaysia has to classify bloggers as professionals and non-professionals as a mechanism to prevent the misuse of blog sites, Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin said. 

He said he believed that professional bloggers were those who were more responsible in ensuring that their web content was based on truth and not mere rumours. 

This classification will also facilitate any action to be taken against those found to have violated the countrys laws, he told a press conference at the Putra World Trade Centre here yesterday

We have to control this. It is feared that these (blog sites) will be misused by those who have an agenda to spread slander.  ”

Zainuddin said this was important in enabling the people to determine whether they could trust a certain matter and whether the blog content was the truth or a rumour that could cause discomfort or undermine unity. 

What is the fuss dude? Fear that the blogs will be misused by those who have an agenda to spread slander? Come on lah, it’s damn boring reading local newspapers or watching national news which most of the time reporting the same monotonous piece. Damn farking bored, reading TheStar, NST, Berita Harian or watch TV3, all singing praises and reporting all good no problem when the real issues never been touched. If one to say that local media have agenda to spread government propaganda, just see media reports during last few by-elections, potraying the opposition in bad light (opposition = bad + evil, pro-government = good + holy), so in a way is it not being misused by ‘those’ who have an agenda to spread slander in this case against the opposition?

Professional bloggers will be more responsible in ensuring their web content was based on  truth and not mere rumours? What is truth? For Datuk Seri Zam, truth is anything that potrays government as good, efficient, holy, not questioning the government’s decisions, acting as government mouthpiece, yes man lah right? Oh why target only blogs? The way I see it, blog tell more truth than local media, in a way there are more freedom to report as there is no pressure to please certain parties in doing so. I am baffled by the this truth thing. Since when if an issue is raised, be it in a blog, newspaper, radio or television involves crictism of the government then it must be not true and regarded as slander? So since the local media is fully under government control it is natural for independent medias such as blogs and internet news to be bolder as there is nobody telling them what can be reported and what not.  (you ever read any news criticising our goverment policies? I doubt so, and I doubt our goverment policies are flawless and fark it, questioning certain policies is not sensitive okay?? Especially policies involved spending of rakyat’s money. Don’t farking sensitise everything. Emo shiet!) And how to classify bloggers into professionals and non-professionals? I really looking forward to see how they do it. What are the parameters? Er, having a degree? A professional that blogs? Member of political party that blogs about his party 24/7 ‘professionally’? Blogging as a career? Come on it is a common sense not everything you read nowadays it is the farking truth so use your own brain to decide. You are a moron to believe whatever people throws at you. A big one.

Truth is really subjective nowadays, you can even create it our of thin air. How? It can be easily done by reporting the same bullshit thing over and over again and over time it become truth. Ever heard of stories of about haunted places? One person telling you the old house at that corner of the road is haunted, you may not believe, but the next day another two persons tell you the same story, everybody telling the same story, you started to believe the story might be true, yes or no? Ever heard of this particular mamak stall mix something shitty in the curry so it taste so good? You just need few friends, telling the same story again and again I doubt you will ever go back to that particular stall. That’s the truth. So what is truth to you? If it is convenient to you then it is truth? It is more important to educate a person so that he can deduces on  his own how reliable a piece of information rather than classifying what is truth, what is not for him. We are not that dungu to the extend that we need a so called classification of bloggers into professionals and non-professionals so that we know that, when we read ‘professional written blogs’ then is must be farking true and when you read a non-professional blog like this piece of shit by me it is definitely useless and not true. Heh? What say you? You are a professional blogger? I don’t see myself as a blogger, I’m just a guy who write blogs (copy this from Charyelle πŸ˜€ )

dungu – dumb


~ by bongkersz on May 6, 2007.

19 Responses to “A Professional Blogger??? Are You?”

  1. hahaha… i knew you will blog about this one. a degree to start a blog eh? i am afraid, a lot of blog will have to disappear is that is the case. yeah, mainstream newspaper is really boring nowadays… it’s a joke that star wanna increase their prices.

  2. wah.. how you know i will blog about this, you so lihai… πŸ˜› kakaka.. just read online, crappy news not worth the money to buy

  3. ha ha ha … classify me then .. maybe it’s something like this, like chartered accountants and stuffs .. so, u must have LCCI or a member of MIA to have a blog .. MIB (Cool eh ..) Malaysia institute of Bloggers, wahlau

  4. and now… u are thinking of blogging about gomen saying yes to the civil servants pay rise… cos they ‘deserve’ it… right?

  5. haha πŸ˜› now you can read future heh zewt πŸ˜›

  6. Interesting Huh… Desperate people are the Gov. Then desperate measure la. everyday doing weirder useless things.

  7. owh .. we sis actually smschat about that rite? ha ha ha .. well, u guys go ahead .. I just read then .. πŸ™‚ i’m a civil servant going-to-be

  8. wtf are you talking bout cibol? we sis? sms chat? apa tu?

  9. I saw this in the newspapper & I wander?? Am I pro or not?? Maybe sami-pro?? What I writ is almost all true. So can qualified as pro?? Have a nice day.

  10. i want to type did … fark ..

  11. farker, read whatever you typed lah.. πŸ˜€ proof read..

  12. i am a so so blogger, as well as a so so designer. πŸ™‚

  13. guess i was wrong…

  14. you was wrong about what zewt πŸ˜›

  15. dun want .. malas

  16. pemalas.. no much better than a salted fish lah you πŸ˜€

  17. me…just a girl who blogs and happens to be a blogger.
    (LOL.Charyelle got me confused.hehe)

  18. am i pro as well? ha ha, well.. no one is pro, the biggest liar on malaysia blogosphere also become a pro blogger… haih

  19. who the the biggest liar!!! πŸ˜€

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