Rants + Birthday!

Didn’t get to online for the past few days, something wrong with the internet connection. Cheebuy Streamyx. I hope they go bankrupt after Wimax is implemented. Sucky services, crappy customer service, cut-throat rates, farking slow speed. This is what we get after all this years. People are getting faster and faster speed, better and cheaper internet connection and we are lagging behind. WTF wrong I just couldn’t figure it out. And what’s wrong with our parlimentarians? Every now and then you will hear some asshole saying ‘Kalau you tak suka cara sini, you keluar lah dari negara ini’ (If you don’t like the way it’s here in this country you can get the fark out) How this kind of attitude is fit to serve as a parliment member? Monkeys.. Oh yea, we are really fark up, just look around. Police is investigating the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) most powerful man, the ACA Deputy-General and ACA is investigating the person that’s supposed to look after the police, the Deputy Internal Minister. How shitty is that? You cannot get more shit than that I guess. How we are supposed to trust the system, when the highest people in power themselves involved in this kind of thing? I don’t. And, there will be no revision of oil price just yet, the reason is the depreciation of world oil price is not stable, we will need more time to consider before getting on with the decision. This is a very important decision to make, cannot be done in haste. Government still paying a LOT for the oil subsidies, bla bla bla.. bla.. I don’t hearing all that when they decided to increase it overnight last time? No announcement, nothing. Oh they did announce it 4 hours before they implemented it. Fark! Why last time we never need more time to consider bla bla?? Hmm enough with the rantings, let’s move on.

A person very special to me is celebrating her special moment in, let me see.. 40 mins from now. 29th March is her birthday!!! I kinda ‘forgot’ her birthday last year and I was very sorry for that, you can read it here. This time I will not forget about it!! Haha! So I’m going to put up my wishes here πŸ˜€ Happy Birthday b~! I’m sorry I’m not with you celebrating your birthday, again… 😦 (physically I’m not with you, but you know I’m always around πŸ˜› ceh ceh!… haha~!) I hope that I’ll be be there, next to you, blowing candles for your next birthday yeah! Just want to let you know that life is so much better with you, let’s hope for better days ahead, take good care of yourself, love you always. Muaks!

Let’s sing the song for the birthday girl, Mel πŸ™‚

Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go, shorty
It’s your birthday.. (lol.. 50 cent intoxicated, sorry)

Okay, a proper one now πŸ˜€

Happy birthday to you, (2x)
Happy birthday, happy birthday~~!
Happy birthday to YOU!! Happy birthday to you (2x)
Happy bithday to Mel………
Happy birthday to YOU!!!!!!

(Claps claps.. kisses.. muaks muaks! bwahahahahaha!)

Enjoy your birthday dear~!


~ by bongkersz on March 29, 2007.

28 Responses to “Rants + Birthday!”

  1. all those are just investigations la… no concrete action… u see la… investigate investigate… will end up ‘mo seng mo hei’…

    why you always have problem with computer… computer bust la… internet down la… very bad luck ah u…. haha!

  2. I also don’t know why zewt πŸ˜€ after pc fixed, then internet down.. haih haih.. need to mandi bunga-kan my pc, or myself πŸ˜€

  3. ha ha ha .. so soi this year .. never mind, better days ahead

  4. yo yo yo yo…50 cent again…hehehehehe…i know wut’s wrong wif u pc bong..too many XXX u store there. aiyaaaa…

  5. Happy b-day to your girl friend & many happy return.

  6. thanks bro πŸ™‚ happy return heh? hehe hehe hehe…

  7. Mandi bunga…? hahaha…
    Jz droppin by wit “hapy bday” to d special lady
    (and its sweet of ur post if not for d rants before it..lol)

    N…u’ll be pleased…

    So…when u guys throwing me “welcome to the neighbourhood” party huh?

  8. welcome to the neighbourhood .. he he he .. see ya in kuching, well .. in may .. eh, i can meet may aite? .. ok ok .. bongkersz, wanna join?

  9. no thanks πŸ˜› i tak suka kacao orang dating..

  10. ha ha ha .. damn

  11. Yea…hope can meet up.
    May x knw…u ask her lo…hehe.

  12. i’ll asked oink, charyelle, lola and may .. ha ha ha

  13. Good…maybe can hv dat blogger meet u owez wanted…hehe.

    P/s: Warning in advance lah…if its just me n may go out wit u, u’re gonna be in an “excessive happiness” by d time we’re done. Hehe…don’t believe? Ask Bong..;p

  14. i guess we can always arrange a special session for only 3 of us can’t we? πŸ™‚

  15. ‘special’? …….. dot dot dot..

  16. eh… there is a new video by those muar fellas… damn cool!

  17. ok, later i check it out.. heheh.. doing free publicity for them zewt?

  18. Muar fellas? *Lost me*

    “special”…me and may very special ppl maa…arch oso want us to himself like u did…hahaha…

  19. hehe.. don’t flatter yourself too much πŸ˜› bwahahahahaha!

  20. ha ha ha

  21. ;p

  22. Nice blog!

  23. oi bong!!! update ur blog pls…!!! keh keh keh..

  24. Bong MIA again…xp

  25. yup yup yup ..

  26. di sini,
    aku berdiri (ok i’m sitting actually, how to stand and type?),
    membaca komen-komen di belog ini,
    rasa sunyi,
    ketiadaan pc,
    yang berfungsi,
    maka aku dari sini,
    ofis di jalan kenari,
    menulis puisi,
    mengguna pc kompeni,
    tanpa bos ku sedari,

    lol lol.. i can make this longer.. but it’s getting funnier haha!

  27. ha ha ha .. cheebeh

  28. Haha…lawaksz ur puisi…
    Didn’t knw u so puitis one…bwahaha…

    Eh,wat up miskol2?
    Im starting operation fuyoh hrs nw…x knw if i shld call u or not…die lo if call ppl tgh zz…;p

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