Liar Liar

Do you ever tell a lie? I think so. Most of us lied before, it’s part of or life. It is a social skill one need to have, it’s the way the social world operates. Parents lied to their kids and saw it as acts of love, to protect them. So what is the worst/biggest/nastiest lie you ever tell?

Well, when I was a kid, I used to lie to my parent, very often hehe…I lied for many reasons, to get things, to get out of sticky situations and so on… Oh come on, children lie all the time. Children exaggerate, twist the truth, hide the facts, manufacture stories, and deny the obvious. When we growing up, most of the time knowing that we did something wrong, out of being afraid that our mom will blow up at us or dad will take out the rotan, we will lie to save ourselves. We lie because we were afraid of our parents temperament. For me, it is the lesser of two evils, so I lied and hoped that I would get away with it. (Of course, most of the time I didnt get away haha! My parent is too smart for that)

I remember a lie that I told, that up to this very day if I think of it will create a smile on my face. Not that I am proud with the lie I told (Er, kinda proud a bit that I was able to create such a perfect lie.. bwahahahahaha!! Joking..) So let me share with you what it was about. When I was in Form 1, I was suspended from hostel for 2 weeks. I was involved in one serious case (I may tell you guys about it in future, see how :P) Let just say it was a serious offense and the the school decided to suspend me from hostel for 2 weeks + 50 demerit points. You see, I was staying in hostel, when you are suspended from hostel, you still need to go for class. But suspended from hostel means I had no place to stay and I would have problem going for class. If I didn’t go for class, I definitely couldn’t tell my parent that out of nothing the school closed for 2 week. I need to go for classes and find a place to stay without my parent knowing. It is different if you are not staying in hostel, for that serious offence you will be suspended from school for 2 weeks, no need to attend class. For hostel students, they will be suspended from hostel, and still need to attend class. Weird.

I didn’t tell my parent about it. My mom knew nothing of the case, or the punishment I received. (Only after she received a letter from the school which she received long after I finished my suspension asking her to come to school to meet the discipline teacher, with me along of course.. hehe, she knew that I was having discipline problem in school. But, up to this day she never knows what nature of case I was involved. I don’t dare to tell her. And what for korek cerita lama yang tak best in front of your parent right?) Ok continue with the story, so I couldn’t stay in hostel, I didn’t inform my parent where should I go? Oh yeah, it was end of semester (Form 1) that I was told by the school it that for the first 2 weeks in new semester (Form 2), I need not to come to school. (Suspended lah..) During my semester break I did try to tell my mom about it, but I didn’t. (Scared mar..) So after the semester break, as usual I would go back to Miri (My hometown in Sarikei) on Saturday by bus and stayed at my mom’s friend place. Our old neighbour place. (I was in Miri until Standard 3, then moved to Sarikei). So on Sunday morning, when she asked me (let’s call her Auntie Mary)

Auntie Mary : So what time you are going back to hostel?

Me : Er.. Actually I got something to tell you. Do you mind if I stay here for 2 weeks?

Auntie Mary : Ah? Why? I thought you supposed to go back this afternoon?

Me : (thinking fast…) Hmm.. hm.. you see Auntie Mary, my hostel is having some renovation works, so the students cannot stay in hostel for a period. They said it will take 2 weeks then we can go back to hostel. (Out of the blue moon, this came out from my mouth.. )

Auntie Mary: Oh liddat ah? Aiya, not a problem, stay here as long as you want.

Me: (oh yeah!!!!!!!) Thank you Auntie. You are so kind. (Smile.. smile..)

That’s it. For the next 2 weeks, everyday I walked to the bus station, took bus to school, attend classes like normal, until the end of my suspension. The funny thing was not many knew that I was suspended from hostel, I just told them I stayed with my relative for a while before back to hostel and I already asked the warden’s permission for it πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Auntie Mary never figure out that I lied to her. And my mom never know I stayed at her place for that 2 weeks… So what is the biggest lie you have ever told and for what reason?? Let me know πŸ™‚

p/s: I’m not proud of the fact the I lied to the people that care about me, it felt like I used them and I regretted that I did that.. Don’t lie, it will catch up with you one day.. jeng jeng jeng…..



~ by bongkersz on March 21, 2007.

11 Responses to “Liar Liar”

  1. let me think .. so many ah .. but urs a gud one. I think i didn’t remember that ur suspended .. he he he.

  2. hehe, i’m good at keeping low profile mah!

  3. just want to say a word of thank you for your well wishes. truly appreciate it.

    let us all learn to appreciate our mothers when they are still around.

    and yes… my mom lied to all of us.

  4. good reminder bro. i will πŸ™‚ you take care and be strong for the coming days!

  5. Me: (oh yeah!!!!!!!) Thank you Auntie. You are so kind. (Smile.. smile..)

  6. msg din appear? i copied the verse out..mengampu+membodek. hiihihihihihihihihiihihihihihih…

  7. he he he .. i was supposed to say something .. nut i forgot

  8. apa erti.. cheebuy πŸ˜€

  9. I don’t remember ever telling the biggest lie in my life. 1. coz I feel terrible guilty 2. I am a very bad liar

    Good blog, Bong! Mind to tell us what did you do to get you suspended for 2 weeks? *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

    Keep on blogging!

  10. it’s a long story, i will put that down in another time πŸ˜€

  11. cayalah…hik..hik..

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