At Last!

At last, someone got it right. Yes, we finally have a minister with a working brain, and we hope he will continue to do well in his job to serve the rakyat and not to come up with some stupid suggestions, lucky draws as the previous minister did. Oh if you guys are puzzling over what I’m talking about, it’s here. Let me share bits of the news for you guys;

“PUTRAJAYA: Offering lucky draw prizes to encourage Malaysians to change to the MyKad is silly and rubbish, Home Minister Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad said.

Citing this, Radzi yesterday announced that the Perodua MyVi, Suzuki Scooter, and electrical items offered in the Jom Tukar dan Menang (Lets Change and Win) lucky draw 18 months ago was being officially withdrawn.

It is the duty of all Malaysians to get their MyKad. It is their responsibility without having any carrot offered to them. This is a national card, your citizenship card.”

Exactly, why we Malaysian must have some sort of incentivesto make us to do things? Malaysian are farking lazy people if you ask me. Everything must have benefits, must ada untung then we go and do it. That’s why we shop only on the last day, pay oursummons on the last day.. everything on the last day. Get more discounts on the last day mar, or if some dungu ministers decided to have lucky draw, better chance to win mar.

ada untung – got profit (literally)

dungu – dumb


~ by bongkersz on February 14, 2007.

14 Responses to “At Last!”

  1. most of the people i know wants to make friends with you because you have something that attracts them, or something that you have which they want, mainly for personal benefits and self-interest. its never unconditional.
    you can see this at university, where some students will only want to talk to you only if you have good grades, or some students only notices the ones who are good looking, or rich or has a car or whatever. people don’t get interested in knowing you for no reason. its rather difficult to know if one is sincere or merely pretending. these students have already developed this mindset during their ‘probational’ period at the uni, its only normal when they come out of uni grounds they remain the same. using one another, all for their own self-interest and must have reward and incentives only do things, such as helping others, or getting their mykad done. and msian really do love to complaint, discourage etc..

  2. ok i got it, mary 🙂

  3. hmmm… maybe those late fellas didnt deserve it … but this sorta set a precedent for the govt to simply cancel things…. which is bad, i think.

  4. hmm, to think about it, yeah.. the contest, lucky draw is silly to start with, but since the government started it, at least they should honor it.

  5. yup .. they should la .. in a sense. i mean u do it is a stupid thing, but tarik balik make it more stupid. it shouldn’t be there in the first place .. he he he.

    people want to make fren with me. i dun have car, i dun have money .. what do i have? nuthing .. he he he. hor bong hor .. I guess, we’re uniquely attractive! muhahahahaha!

  6. cheebuy dude, can you not use ‘we’, very gayish term lah oi!! Only use ‘we’ when refering to you n your special one, fark :p

    p/s: I’m back in sarikei. Just arrived from kuching.

  7. ha ha ha .. ok u and me?

  8. hahaha…cibol owes gv off his trademark “gay”-vibe…hehehe
    kesian bong jd mangsa…bwahahaha…

    i totally agree the whole lucky draw thing is stupid to begin wonder msia one of d countries with highest corruption rate…owes get smthg for smthg brulah do.

    k,gtg.2mins left of PC time.

    p/s-y my blog so lonely since u all pindah to wordpress huh?i x use blogger,im bck to fstr blog.

  9. mar, please please move to wordpress. no hassle .. he he he. really, you should consider.

  10. time to write again… haha!

  11. lol… guys, my pc at home got some problems.. now mainly online from office sob sob.. as i’m a very good employee i will not write blog during office hour 😛 (not like zewt haha!) but i will reply to comments 😛 kakakaka!

  12. the pc should have been fixed by now lor… hah!

  13. the pc should have been fixed by now lor…

  14. fixed, for now 🙂 hope it’s ok haha!

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