Fun at PD

Nothing to blog about, I’m just lazy.. so just going to post some photos…. videos from the PD trip I went last Saturday πŸ™‚ Sad to say.. no topless chick photos.. topless guys, a lot.. Cibol I know you like that.. bwahahahahaha! For teaser… just watch this video 1st.. bwahahaha! I still need to sort out all the photos before i upload it.. combine all the photos from few cameras πŸ™‚


~ by bongkersz on January 20, 2007.

9 Responses to “Fun at PD”

  1. fark you la dey … ha ha ha .. why always same like that

  2. haha.. look so comfortable there lying under the sand.. πŸ˜€ what language did you all speak? can’t hear clearly..

  3. cibol: what always the same? πŸ˜›

    drumsticks: mandarin ar… wo si hua ren, but wo bu hui read/write πŸ˜› can talk + listen.. fluently bwahahaha!

  4. that dick in the sand thingy that u always do .. i tot last time in what pulau u also do that … oh drumsticks, he can speak iban, kayan, kenyah, kelabit, melanau, penan .. this guy multilingual .. the sad thing is he can’t read and write only, u know buta huruf. (alphabet blind-fark) ha ha ha

  5. eh dude, i cannot speak so many languages lah oi.. no wonder margret asked me if i really speak so many languages.. i can do iban only la.. the rest is tipu cari makan jer.. learn few cool stuffs like ‘akui ngenep ika’ πŸ˜›

  6. ahhaa.. hen hao hen hao.. iban ni ye hui jiang ah? bu chuo..

  7. yi dien dien πŸ˜› xie xie..

  8. yi dien dien ur head .. ta si hen lihai la .. cheebuy farker only learn pick up lines .. ha ha ha .. oh well, i do that too .. so equal then ..

  9. btul tu cibol…don’t pian us la hui jiang hen duo de iban phrase.kih..kih..ah, the pick up line..everybody did that to adapt with situation, so, at least seem a bit smart la..kah..kah…Some of my housemate did not learn any pick up line lo…so i like to say “dek ka parai” to my Dusun-Kadazan housemate if she make fun of me. hik..hik..

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