Why some people just farking lazy? I mean, have you ever encounter people that stop the lift, just to go one floor below or above? C’mon.. It’s only one floor.. take the staircase lah. Somemore got this kind of people, although the lift is full with people, he/she still go in, just to go one floor below/above. Move your fat arse, no wonder there are so many super obese farking bulat people around.. (I got no issue with fat people, but I got issue with fat, lazy, annoying creatures.. they are occupying too much space, the world will be better off without them) Do you know that Malaysia is among the fattest nation in Asia? Because we are farking lazy.. even to walk for few metres more. Just look around, people double parking everywhere. They just couldn’t park somewhere and walk to their destination. If possible, they will park exactly in front of the shop/bank/restaurant/ – it doesn’t matter if they are blocking other people car. They love it when you blast the car horn for 5 minutes and then they appear..feigning embarassment…

Oh yea, at my working place there, below my office there’s this one workshop. The boss of that shop, he farking park his car behind other car, even if there are plenty of empty spaces for him to park. He just love to park his cheebuy VIOS behind somebody’s car. One day, if I cannot tolerate his doing I will farking rammed my car into his VIOS! Or maybe not, I will just taruk him kao kao.. stop being nice guy πŸ™‚ Really, I think someone should teach him a lesson how to park at the right place…


~ by bongkersz on January 16, 2007.

10 Responses to “Annoyed..”

  1. Rilek ah bro….hehehe…..
    Not everyone is as rajin as u mah…. ;p ehhehe…
    Sowy 2 say, sometimes I do that in the office..when I malas wanna walk to 8th floor… (office on 7th)….

  2. nasib i tak sama office with you then πŸ˜› haha!

  3. haha, don’t know. there are many possibilities.
    1) too fascinated by lifts – must take lift all the time.
    2) walk 1 step up no different from taking lift bcoz 1 step up wouldn’t help them lose any weight also.
    3) There is no point walking up bcoz the person is already too thin. Must conserve his/her fats.
    4) Taking lift just one step doesn’t conclude that he/she is lazy. Maybe its just that day they decide to take lift. Maybe they are very hardworking in other areas.
    5) They are really really tired.
    6) They are just plain lazy.

  4. lazy ass ..

  5. Conclusion to all the above:

    People are people.

    If that makes sense.


  6. hey…

    i happen to brighten up d day for those poor souls taking the lift…
    Just seeing me walk in is like a breath of pure fresh air….hahahaha… ;p

  7. yeah? πŸ˜› i wish i’m in the lift when you walk in then hhaha!

  8. YOOOOOOOO…….. michelle!!! speaking like a pure model. πŸ˜›

    anyhow it’s probably a norm to be lazy la… gotta bear with it, after all, we’re not called Malaysians for nothing!!! hahaha! we may be commenting bout others but at another time, we’re doing it ourselves! lol…
    thus, we must always be careful. that some ppl would have big fat asses and would cramp themselves in a very crampy cramped lift. and fart.



    uh my…

  9. not forgetting smelly armpits .. that’s so ewwww

  10. luckily… the air up here is fresher.. fuiyoh.. lucky to be a it taller than the rest.. no need to stick my nose at someone’s armpit like cibol… poor cibol.. but..raph… you stick your nose behind someone’s ass? πŸ˜€ that’s sad!

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