Off to PD

I’m off to PD – Port Dickson guys. Meeting friends, uni mates. Going to have lots of booze.. lol.. (there goes my new year resolution 😀 No worry, I’ll control myself haha) Be back with more photos! Take care guys!


~ by bongkersz on January 13, 2007.

14 Responses to “Off to PD”

  1. cheebuy go PD some more .. farker take a lot of pics la .. gals please .. in thong only .. only thong .. ha ha ha .. shake ur bon bon

  2. wah..

  3. Ha..ha..He will use his “cutiness” (he said that) on someone there at PD..

  4. horniness is more like it

  5. without cutie-ness, you can’t apply your horniness dude bwahahaha!

  6. spot on ..

  7. so?…wer’s d pics?

  8. yeah .. where’s the pic? or pics …

  9. sabar lah bang.. be very patient

  10. cutiness+horniness+no topless babes at PD = wkakaka…pity u loo..go to Karambunai beach, Sabah la for another vacation next time..hehehe..u will know what ‘s good to see.hehehe..why pics so sikit a?put more la..

  11. karambunai sabah? ok ok.. 😀 photos, still sorting out. because got few cameras, so far got from 2 cameras only. the rest still with other friends.. need to collect… choose the most handsome for tatapan umum mar 😀

  12. peh..the most handsome a? la..we will wait for that “most handsome” pics..

  13. did i heard topless?? .. :p ermm .. let’s see if karambunai is worth it .. ha ha ha. well, i might be dropping by don’t know when just yet. cross my fingers .. he he he

  14. cibol-ya, u should go..better stay there..wait for that lucky moment..kah..kah…
    p/s:i just went there once, and lucky i guess..not yet the 2nd time..:)

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