New Year Resolutions

Hello people~! It’s the 4th day of New Year. How are you guys doing? How was your the New Year eve celebration? Bad start for my new year; I’m sick, down with flu + cough + sore throat and mild fever. Since 2nd of January. Haha! Maybe the shopping and driving religiously from Saturday (30/12/06) till Tuesday (02/01/06) did me no good 😀 Plus bit of alcohol consumption here and there, added with fatigue and running under the rain = sick. Hehe, my boss sure not very happy with my absence, straight after New Year holidays, taking 2 days MC. Yes, I’m at home now typing this with my running nose, occasionally coughing like an old man. What a start for a new year!! Forget about that, bad things aside - I’m coming up with my New Year resolutions for 2007! Haha! I never do any resolutions for the past 24 years, so why the need now? I guess it’s for a change. Setting mini goals for myself hoping that my coming 361 (365-4) days ahead will be better guided and directed to achieve those goals.

Living life aimlessly makes you nothing better than a salted fish. (I don’t’ know.. just crapped out that phrase bwahahaha~~!) I put up my targets/resolutions here in my blog so that when 2008 comes, I’ll put up my 2007 resolutions for auditing hehe…and you guys can kutuk me lah that time if I did badly. So the resolutions are..

1. Clear off my debts/credits – I’m in dire financial straits due to some really bad decisions I made in the past, so my priority in 2007 is to clear all my debts -bookies, friends, credit cards. And hopefully by end of 2007, I will have a +positive balance in my bank account. Now, it’s very -negative 😀

2. Get a better physique – Ah, macam itu Daniel Craig or John Cena lah 😀 bwahahaha! Em, ok it’s pretty much impossible for me to be like them but at least for me I want to lose the extra baggage around my waist, pump some muscles, and get toned. Sikit-sikit macam Daniel Craig and John Cena lah, you understand! 😛 Oh maybe should get the physique like that Rain fella. His body is more realistic to achieve, not so bulky but need to work more on the abs.. Very nice (which is super hard to get that kind of abs.. wtf!) In order to achieve this, fully utilise the gym at my condo hehe. Planning is that every Saturday and Sunday morning, spend at least 1 hour at the gym. Hopefully by 2008, I’ll be one sexy and hawt thing so that I can walk on the beach ala-ala James Bond not like now.. Only 24 years old but body like uncle already.. cheebuy betul.

-John Cena, WWE, The Marine

 - Daniel Craig, James Bond

-RAIN, Full House, Korea’s R&B Maestro

3. Spend more time with loved one – Going to spend more time with families, gf. After started working, only back home once in a year, most of the time during Chinese New Year, so this coming Chinese New Year will take longer leave. Try to call back home at least once a week.

4. Make more friends – Keep my old friends close, make more new friends.

5. Reduce food intake after 9pm No more carbo intake after 9pm. Remember carbo = evil after 9pm. (lol..very girlishleh this one) This is necessary to achieve resolution no. 2 🙂

6. Make a passport – Yes, I’ve never go out from Malaysia. Er, I’ve been to Bukit Kayu Hitam (Thailand-Malaysia border) and standing near the causeway (Malaysia-Singapore border) hehe..  just didn’t cross the border nia. So I must get my passport done this year!

7. Get a laptop – If my financial status getting better, I’m planning to get one. My current desktop is pretty old – close to 5 years now. Or I maybe just go and upgrade my current pc 🙂

8. Get a tattoo? – I’m obssesed with tattoos. It’s not like because it’s ‘in’ now or Prison Break is the hottest serie now and Michael Scofield tattoo is so farking cool that I want to get one but I’ve been planning to get one for a long time. I kinda love body arts  especially piercing and tattoos. And I love the pain, that feeling, the rush of adrenaline when you are doing it. Sicko! (Hmm, I got my lips pierced, done by a friend when I did part time at Sugarbun Bintulu in 2001 😀 The hole still there, haha! Last time I still wear earrings but decided to ditch it, find it bit gayish.. lol.. All the piercing, sendiri buat or with friend’s help. Equipments? Needle + eraser + tisu + ice cubes. Blog about this next time. Hehe, a boring day in the hostel back then, leading to many creative activities among the students. Thinking of getting my tongue pierced as well in future. Hidden perfectly) Come to tattoos, most of the time, I failed to get one because of lack of budget, indecisive over tattoo design and area of my body to be tattoed. And it’s more visible than piercing, should really give a careful thought over it. Maybe should do full body tattoo hahahaha! Joking. I’m giving this resolution this a chance, will blog about this in the future when I get to do it. 

-Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield, Prison Break

9. Miscellaneous – Overall, I hope to be a better person – aiming for today is better than before days and coming days will even better! Oh yea, to keep on maintaining this blog 🙂


~ by bongkersz on January 4, 2007.

21 Responses to “New Year Resolutions”

  1. I’ll kill to get a body like that … damn man .. ha ha ha .. well, let’s hope that whatever we’ve plan, we work it out nicely … join me for trip? let’s look at 2007 and work it out for 2008 … dae han min guk!!

  2. sick huh?
    hope u feel better dy.

    yes yes…do get tht passport…
    then we can go sgapore…hehe.
    (provided gt d money laa..)

    oh…u x big la…bt if u wna get those 6-packs i sokong…hehe…

    p/s-wer did u find scoffield’s tatoo pic? ive been looking for dat pic!
    bt me d trouble…nw i just curi frm

    oh yea…all d best wit the new year resolutions…

  3. google is our best friend.. hehe, love that pic heh? nice one..

  4. hahahahahhahaha…u shud pin up john cena’s poster on ur wall bong! and yeah, i love tattoos toooo!!!!! thinking of getting one or two..hehe..or more? keh keh keh…

  5. testing

  6. yeah lola, get a tattoo on your butt, post the photo up 😀

  7. All the best with achieving your resolutions!

  8. ha ha ha .. oit .. sokong sokong ..

  9. huu…big clap for u…its take 24 years to think about the can move one step ahead ha..messing with your flu & other sickness + credit card debt + your boss + that 3 hotties above (+ the cool tattoos)–i bet u put the big efford to make out the resolution.hahahaha!! i am waiting for dat build up muscles n 6 packs on 31 Dec 2007…lol…:-)..hahahaha!all the best!

  10. Wahlau Bong….banyak giler resolutions….I sokong the clearing-off-debts and the workout one…me gotta workout too…and luv the hottie pics…

    Of course I curi-ed all…hahahaha….

  11. Mich, 8 sajer mar… tak banyak tu 😛

  12. tattoo the earth .. I’ll get one .. he he he. Tattoo the earth!! – This song Tattoo not bad eh .. look for it.

  13. watever u do DO NOT tattoo ur groin area unless u really enjoy pain.

  14. lol.. thanks for the advice shar, i just got my inspiration where and what kind of tattoo to do bwahahaha..saw a lady with a very cool tattoo last night at gala dinner 😛 hawt hawt!

  15. go to rumah panjai again la with cibol..for some more tattoo view..hehehehe..saw a lady with tattoo eh?where?butt a?u really got ur inspiration?????;p.jk

  16. hmm.. at her shoulder.. it’s ‘something’ with two wings, spread to both shoulders.. couldn’t see that something because covered by her long hair.. oh, her butt.. cannot see.. she wore a long dress. maybe next time i check it out if got chance.. bwahahahhaha!

  17. i see…ya lo..check it out for me too eh, (take sum pics…hikhik..)..who knows, will get my inspiration..hahahaha!

  18. ha ha ha .. get one la sonnet, I’ll design one for you .. I think I’m quite good at tattoo designing .. he he he .. “Tattoo” – Heart! I like heart shaped tattoo .. sacred heart .. it’s wow ..

  19. wah.. 😛 two of you..

  20. wah.. two of you 😛

  21. wah..i got support…my pleasure, cibol..hahahaha!…;p…
    bong=>what kind of “wah” was that?hehehe…u don’t want to design one for me ka?:P..but not dragon design..coz when i am getting old and skinny, that dragon will become earthworm..(i think i quote dis metaphore from someone dat i know..hehehe)

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