New Year Present

I need to rant. I just damn tak puas hati with the toll rates hike announcement by our beloved government recently. Road users in Klang Valley will have to pay higher toll rates for five highways around the capital from Jan 1. What a great New Year present for the people. Fark, and again like always, comparison always be made against other countries to justify the action of allowing the increase.. Cheebuy, want compare, compare lah apple to apple. Hoi, those countries you mentioned in your statement to the media- China, Philipine, Thailand and Indonesia, the goverment  DOES NOT SUBSIDIES their highway!! And you idiot, China and Thailand their highway are 4 lanes each side. If we take that into account, our toll rates are definitely farking expensive. Let’s see, from the figure given by this donkey years minister – Malaysia’s Plus highway (RM0.136 per kilometre), Philippines (RM0.355), Thailand (RM0.227), China (RM0.276) and Indonesia (RM0.148). You do the math, if those countries the government also subsidies the toll, I bet their toll rates will be cheaper than us. And we should compare Klang Valley to the regions such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, just to name some and these ares, there is no toll!! And nowadays driving in Klang Valley is more of a necessity rather than luxury. Example inChina, they are more bikers than cars on the road not like here. In those countries, such as Philiphines and Indonesia having a car is kind of a luxury, the person having it should be quite well off- paying a bit more for toll is nothing. Oh by the way, the cars are farking cheap in those countries. Compare car price in Thailand and Malaysia? I might sound like I’m glorifying other countries than my own, but hell no. I love my country and I just cannot understand why our government keep on making stupid decisions like this. And it’s the normal people like me at that affected  the most by their decisions. Few questions that they should answer to be accountable to the people that vote them to the government. Why every time they announce a hike, then they will bring out the issue that they have to compensate the highway companies, such and such million of ringgits or billions bla bla shits.. ?? In the first place why we have those agreements that are in favour of highway companies? Who the fark signed those agreements? Maybe it’s time for us to review all these lopsided agreements so that we don’t have to pay for all this shits that happened as a result of our government incompetence in negotiating a good deal. And this is what happened now. What a lovely present for New Year. Fark!


~ by bongkersz on December 20, 2006.

10 Responses to “New Year Present”

  1. hey there, chill..
    feeling better now?

  2. seeing your comment.. oh yes 😀

  3. yea…they owes try to justify the hikes dont they?
    justify or not justified its the ppl who literally pay for the effect maa…ceh.

    merry christmas and happy new year anyways…hehe..

  4. well forget the bad.. and embrace the good. Merry Christmas!!

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2007 everyone! Good days ahead!

  6. It’s still Christmas. Today is the 3rd day of Christmas.

    Merry Christmas!

    and we have 4 more days till year 2007!

    It’s the year of the pigs. Do you notice there are a little more than usual pigs in shopping malls?

    Happy New Year 2007!

  7. May your days be filled with Peace, Joy and Wisdom!

  8. thanks thanks~!

  9. happy new year guys .. I’ve been away far too long eh .. ha ha ha

  10. yalah.. you still alive rupanya..

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