YM Conversation 1

Cibol: he dun know eh
Cibol: i think he tot ur a gal
Cibol: ha ha ha
bongkersz: …
bongkersz: i got display pic la
bongkersz: fark
Cibol: ha ha ha
Cibol: u does
bongkersz: muthafucka
Cibol: u look cute
Cibol: ha ha ha
Cibol: like anime

This coming from Cibol… Guys, becareful, watch your ‘back’! 😀


~ by bongkersz on December 18, 2006.

11 Responses to “YM Conversation 1”

  1. i owis tot cibol is has this.. gayish aura ooozzinggg fromm him…

  2. i was being balckmailed .. he’s trying to be one-is-enough perez hilton

  3. hehe

  4. drumstick, trust your instinct.. so you can feel that aura too?:D

  5. dun listen to him .. he’s manipulating ur innocent mind

  6. aww…i am speechless…;-[

  7. oh no! – Yah, jeong mal michol so? Juk eul lae? Jaji opsoyo?

  8. hey hey english please..

  9. i dun want to know .. something u might dun want to hear .. ha ha ha

  10. anyi..miyane..juz joking lo..araso?hahaha….

  11. oh..lupak..bong mulaeyo…

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