A thank you post :)

Hi guys 🙂 To all that sent me sms, called me, put up a post for me, photo-chopped my photo or left a message wishing me happy birthday, a big big thank you is all I can say. That’s so nice of you guys, appreciate that!  I love you guys so much! Muaks! (Duh.. this sounds so girlish.. so not me deh!) Oh yea, b.. thanks a lot for the wishes. I love you!

I just came back from dinner. My housemates gave me a treat at Mama Chops Papa Grill. Thanks for the food guys.. I snapped few photos just now, so here are some photos for you guys!

Mama Chop Papa Grill!

Chicken In Cheese

Grilled Fish


I ordered this – Chicken Maryland

Hero of the day

I’m a serious man now.. starting from today 😛

Then back home, they had other suprises for me haha! A birthday cake + drinking session. Oh this feel so good…Wei Loon, Ah Guan, Pei Tee, Chun Pang, Chiong Ming and Ying Sing.. thanks for everything, you guys are great friends to have!

 Leftover cake

 Oh it’s someone’s birthday 😀

Chiong Ming showing off his Iron Teeth stance

Really geng! Impressed.. you must

Tiger- Taste It In This Life!

Guinness is Good For You, Guinness Makes You Strong, My Goodness My Guinness??

No it’s not urine, it’s tuak 🙂 Aram ngirup meh kitai!

Tuak – Alcoholic beverage made of fermented rice, yeast and sugar and drunk in Borneo and East Malaysia.


~ by bongkersz on December 1, 2006.

14 Responses to “A thank you post :)”

  1. glad to hear that u had a great time .. ha ha ha .. dude that’s what frens are for .. for good times and bad times .. will always be there … UUJONG YONGWONHI

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. yo bang…you inspired me to being serious….start from today…hehegegge

  4. hey dude…
    cibol told me bout ur bday, but no hp no. was attached to it, and only today I had the opportunity to go online… happy belated bday dude! 😀

  5. cibol : wtf is uujonhyongwoh?
    mrgreenmonkey : thanks dude! let me know when you back in malaysia. let’s go for yam cha session 😛
    wawa : hehe.. serius ke ni bang??
    oink: haha.. it’s ok dude. thanks!!

  6. go find out urself la

  7. google d. cannot find. 😀

  8. actually i am not from malaysia, i am from singapore. But hey, if i am in the area, i’ll definately let you guys know. Where exactly are you guys at? Kl? Sarawak?

  9. For now I’m in KL. Cibol is back in Bintulu, Sarawak 🙂 hahaha! Forgot that you are Singaporean 😛 Should have known, remember seeing your photo in army uniform :Dv

  10. singapore .. actually both bongkersz and me wanted to go there this xmas .. due to budget constraint and I quit my job .. ha ha ha .. scrap it off

  11. forgot to post a comment that day due to bad tmnet server. dat nite, i went hungry to see those food pics!!! argghh..u din alert me on food photos that nite bong!

    anyway, im back in ym! hehe..wuts wif both of u looking for me, sms-ing me why i din lepak2 in ym..keh keh keh..

    eh eh..im in kch but nobody wants to come here except my roommate..wahahahaha…and now im sick, im talking like a rocker at the moment. wahahahahahahaha…

  12. get well soon

  13. ok.. don’t bother sms-ing her again next time cibol 😛 biar dia dengan labu nya.. haha!

  14. wahahahahahaha…sms ler..tensper kt ke…wahahahahaha…

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