Blogging in the jam

location : sunway tol plaza time : 6.45pm

I am writing this in my car, one hand on handphone keypad, another on the steering. Jam very bad at here, fark. Just don’t know how bad it is, I can’t stand the wait.. Arghh…

Continue from above (just reached home) Reached home.. 🙂 Today, I’m not going to write anything particular, just random ramblings hehe.. Just now, 2 cars stalled in front of the toll plaza, that’s what caused the heavy jam.  And near Panasonic factory, few cars seems like involved in accident, stopped by the road side, quite a number of people standing there. I didn’t slow down to look, fark them, I wanted to be home fast! Get a shower, take my dinner… lazy-ing for the night yeah!!!!!

Cars on the left..

Cars in front..

Cars on the right…

Just read Cibol’s post for today. So he wrote about his Mirc days hehe.. I do have my share of experiences as well. I learn to type, to surf and to know things about compute and internet from my IRC days. Yeah, before IRC, I never touch computer in my life. Ah, I remember that when I was 14, hmm form 2 - a classmate brought me to his house and showed his computer to me. That was the first time I see a computer eheh. And you know what? The first thing I did on his computer was watching porno film. Bwahahaha.. Hey hey.. I didn’t know how to operate the thing back then, he was the one doing all the work and he was so excited to show me what his computer could do.. kakakakakaa! And my next encounter with computer – whenI was in form 4, 16 years old. Back in hometown, bored and nothing to do I walked into a shop thinking that it was a video game shop. ( I saw many people hanging outside the place) Everyone in the cybercafe was chatting on MIRC, so I thought this things looked fun. So I sat down, staring at the monitor without a clue what to do haha! Looking at a guy sat next to me I asked him how to use the thing. He replied ‘Klik sia.. Konek (opss….. lol lol) dolok… baru boleh main’  (Click there, you must connect first then only can start using) So I did what he said. And he pointed me to a channel. So I was chatting at this main channel, typing very very slow.. and the funny thing was, I wanted to find somebody to chat with, but I didn’t know how so I asked in the main channel and somebody replied ‘Just select the person you want to chat with lah’ Still.. I stucked for about half and hour at the main channel before I accidentally double clicked on a name. Oh!! Must double click the name!! Farker… explain lah properly.. how I supposed to know this thing need to click two times.

I know someone very special to me also through MIRC 😛 hihi…. oh this story next time I feel want to tell then I write la..


~ by bongkersz on November 29, 2006.

4 Responses to “Blogging in the jam”

  1. I know someone very special to me also through MIRC hihi…. oh this story next time I feel want to tell then I write la..

    I’m waiting to hear that story .. he he he .. that would be fun!

  2. You’ve got a nice picture with good clearity. is it handphone? or digital camera. Really clearla the picture…

  3. Handphone. Nokia 6680. Scaled to smaller size that’s why look quite ok i guess.

  4. he he he .. use LG choco .. better pics, i mean in hp case la.

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