Reminiscing the past

Reached home at 9.45pm today. Tiring day. Getting closer to the year end, the more things need to be done and taken care of. In few days I’ll be 24. (Yes I’m that young still bwahahaha!) Looking back, man I missed the old days. Especially those memorable days in my life. Playing them my mind whenever I am not in a cheerful mood (which is rare because I’m happy all the time.. hehe)and I will smile everytime I think of those days. Such a nice feeling. Do you remember your old days? I do. I still remember;

– The 1st day when I started schooling. My mom brought me to the school, St Joseph Miri. Just 50 metres from the place we stayed. Still remember she asked me if I need her to accompany me, which I said no. So she left me there alone after telling be to be good and quiet. And there I was, sitting quietly in the front row of the class. I don’t remember if I made any friends on the 1st day but I do remember seeing a lot of my classmates crying. Time in primary school passed very fast, and the next thing I knew, we were moving to Sarikei. I was 9 years old at the time. Yes, I remember clearly the day I started my Standard 4 in new school. SRK Abang Haji Matahir, Sarikei. I was the only Chinese student in the school with another girl, which is my younger sister. And when I sat for UPSR another Chinese student came to the school, which is my younger bro. We were the only non-bumi in the school. And that’s it. Haha! So I was kinda famous at that time for being the one and only Chinese student there.Β Hmm, I don’t know if now, there are any other non-bumi studying there. I guess that’s how I get to mix along with other races quite well, even today. I’m happy to have many good friends from different races and I have no problem communicating with them..

Then, after UPSR, I went to KTDTH Bujang, Miri to continue my secondary school. Since the place is so far from my house in Sarikei, I decided to stay in hostel. Staying in hostel is a lot fun! And there I meet Cibol πŸ™‚ I used to join him during short holidays whenever I didn’t go back Sarikei, so I lepak with him at his house in Bintulu or longhouse in Niah πŸ˜€ Best… best.. That’s how we become good friends. Lots of ‘interesting’ activities we did during our time in hostel. Stealing friend’s love letters, went fishing at the cliff behind the hostel, picnic, swimming there although is strictly prohibited πŸ˜› (We could get suspended from hostel if get caught) Some of those who have bigger bawls, they went along the shore line to other side of the cliff there is a shop there to buy cigarettes. Not easy feat to go there, swim.. walk.. swim.. maybe about 1-2km. I never join them, the reason is because I don’t smoke haha! And I’m a lousy swimmer… I miss playing soccer every evening like last time. Everyday, 4pm you will hear clacking sounds, people walking on their boot at the corridor to the soccer field. And the seniors will go room by room, ‘Hoi!! .. turun turun.. main bola.. Apa tidur jak jak tok.. Bangun bangun!!’ (Hoi!! Come down, let’s play soccer.. Don’t keep on sleeping, Wake up wake up) So fun, we kind of addicted to soccer at that time.. even when it was raining we still play, only to be stopped by the warden. Ah wardens.. haha! Rambo..yes, that’s one of the nickname we gave for our beloved warden.. and we were creative enough to create a lot of fun stories to suit his rambo-ish character kekekkee… Oh yea, talking about Rambo, reminded me of this one guy, a year older senior when I was form 1. He’s bit weird. We called him ‘Penyiasat’ (detective?)Β because of his obssesion with investigation stories, techniques and craps. He even had his own gang.. rakan penyiasat haha! Duh I can’t stop laughing thinking of them…. hahahahhahahahahahhahahahaa! Cibol, if you are reading this.. hahahahahaha! You see, he and his gang will always meet up after studying session (7pm-9.45pm), sit under a tree and he started to give his ‘insights’ on things, his connections with some important people (he was 14? 15 at that time.. what the fark!) those shits. He always try to sound all smart and serious, he wear cap all the time, and so his followers haha! They always wear windbreaker or jacket, then hands in pocket, wandering in the school area after everyone sleeping. Making rounds lah konon konon…. πŸ˜€ The wardens seem to like him a lot…

To be continued…


~ by bongkersz on November 27, 2006.

23 Responses to “Reminiscing the past”

  1. so cibai ur post .. halfway only

  2. this is style.. bwahahaha..


  4. thanks dude πŸ™‚

  5. cibai lu .. alvin johnson .. ha ha ha .. dun forget his marlboro jacket ehh .. so smelly never wash one. eh .. talking about the buying cigarette thingy, went also eh .. but I went there to buy chicken franks .. ha ha ha. I dun smoke yet that time lor .. only now I smoke little bit la .. socially .. he he he

  6. smelly… why you go and smell it.. lol…lol.. i run when i saw him.. because of his ‘aura’ πŸ˜€ you never join their session kah? hehe

  7. wah..wut a long post u have there bong..i guess u must be squeezing ur brains off to write this lengthy post… πŸ˜€

  8. ho ho ho…

    rambo – cikgu (deleted- no need mention name :p )? *hope i get his name right as well* πŸ˜›

  9. ha ha ha .. he’s reminiscing the past

  10. kah!kah!kah!had fun old times ha?lol…rambo..yeah…looks like that name have been use through generation..dun want to write his name here la…but i still remember him very & my members kena tangkap 3 times when i was 14 & 15…wandering at the padang at 12 midnight…hahaha! am i..pretend to be good but very evil best friends always warned the juniors abt me==”don’t trust dis prefect..she’s juz like us”..hahaha…no one believe them..kah!kah!kah!..i’ve escaped for movies 3 night..hahaha!stop!thats all…and the most important things here…i think this two seniors (cibol & bong)…were scary dat time..wakaka..

  11. no .. we’re not scary .. we’re handsome .. kakakakaka. u just need a little bit of extra effort to get to know us ma .. seniors are like that. they dun come easy .. :p hor bong hor ..

  12. hikhik…..luckily we can’t turn back time… la….handsome la…handsome la…(just give a little credit)…;P

  13. a lil only meh? a lot la .. he he he

  14. cibol is scary, he’s penyanyi mar.. superstar, i’m not.. i orang biasa.. but i’m cute πŸ˜› bwahahaha!

  15. ha ha ha .. superstar ur head .. living up to that standard that time really sucks eh .. ha ha ha. but who cares ..

  16. hhahaha!u two are so #%%^&$#@#..err..i don’t know..cute was a gift but to be a superstar needed some effort, right cibol?;p..say what..errmm..superstar was hard to forget, still feel sucks ha?Oh..bong, how did u use ur “cuteness” dat time ha?;p..;p..;p..

  17. oh i didn’t use it on you, i guess.. πŸ˜› should i? hahaha~! i thought you like superstar like cibol, not cutie like…. er.. πŸ˜€

  18. farking dick … I just hate that self proclaimed thingy .. ha ha ha .. no sonnet, I actually feel blessed being a superstar .. ha ha ha .. I’m being very honest. I shouldn’t have a girlfriend that time hor .. jatuh saham .. ke ke ke ke

  19. bongkersz=>..erk! never used it on me..lucky u..u juz used it on other cutie, i guess..muahahaha!Maybe cutie & other cuties that can fall on one another cutiness..(sound like tongue twister a??) and it doesn’t work on superstars like me & cibol..HAHAHA…;p..we are universal..cutie did’nt hit us so much…he..he..he..
    cibol=>ermm..i am not a superstar actually..hik..hik..that self-proclaimed thing sounds cool..(give him a bit crdt la..)..yea..yea..u should’nt hev a gf dat time..hahaha…;p..supetstar is cool too ma..have more tendency to be a “head turner..”..(can u hear me, bong?)..ehe…

  20. […] time we got this discipline teacher which we kinda hate, besides Rambo. She’s a fuckin bitch! Being a regular guest to her office I quite know how the procedure […]

  21. hehe… i was laughing when reading your blog here..haha..

  22. me too .. for the second time .. ha ha nha

  23. haha, I just remembered I need to continue this post heh! πŸ˜€ lol..

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