Thou Shall Not Neglect Your Blog

Hello guys! πŸ™‚ You know what? Actually I did post something last week but, when I published it, and refreshed the page, it was gone! Fark.. Most probably happened because I didn’t save the post 1st before publish it. And I wrote a damn farking long post… Anyway, forget about that.

So, why the lack of updates in this lousy blog of mine lately? Obviously, I have no time to update πŸ˜› Ok very lousy excuse haha! But, yeah I was really busy for the past weeks, lot of things to complete at work, so many deadlines and things to finish in a short time but as usual I always take it slow haha! No rush, one thing at a time and eventually everything in its right place. I’m not an urgent guy I guess, which can be good or bad depends on how you like it heh??

Lately I was busy watching movies too!! πŸ˜€ Yeap. Catching up with series like Prison Break, Criminal Minds -just to name few.. plus few movies I downloaded hehehee… I was planning to download as many as possible by referring to the top 250 movies listed in IMDB website haha! Filter out those garbage movies, IMDB should serve as a good guide to choose which good and slightly better quality movie to download! Few movies that I really like and I always watch the movie more than once, will like to recommend you guys to watch it at least once in your life (in my humble opinion, these are good movies, that might differs to different individuals) – The Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club, Se7en, Godfather, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler List, The Green Mile, Das Boot, The Usual Suspects, The Silence of the Lambs, to name few. Hmm, why suddenly the impulse to watch movies? Well, I’m pretty lonely right now 😦 My other half is not here, she is now in Kuching working. Want to find Cibol to talk cock also cannot since he’s in Bintulu lazy-ing his ass there now haha! Ok dude, I know you are busy sending resumes now looking for job. Just hope that you will not become full time ‘resumer’ pulak – guy which his work is sending resume?? Hehe. So I need to make myself busy since I will spend plenty of time alone doing nothing (I don’t like bringing back office work. I like bringing sexy back πŸ™‚ ) I have decided that my free time now is to watch movies! Lame heh? Before this when my other half – she was around my free time will be shopping, walk in shopping malls, looking at each other, complimenting each other, driving around.. shopping.. shopping again (window shopping also shopping ok). But now.. what I do most will be sms-ing.. watching movie, watching tv, reading newspaper, surfing the net .. calling her on the phone, sleeping.. wake up, go to work, came back, repeat the whole things again. Life is so simple now.. bwahahhahahhahahha! (Yes I’m just plain lazy, I know I know.. )

Today’s lunch was luncheon meat + fried rice! Served with sarsi syrup and The STAR newspaper! Let me post up some photos. Nobody at home. Although it’s Saturday.. yes, I’m at home. Duh, I just too lazy to move my ass somewhere.. KL, these few days/weeks keep on raining, the you know when it’s raining, then the odd is you will stuck in the jam most of the time if you are on the road. And my financial status look very the not good, so staying at home is the best way to curb that! Cook on my own – fried rice and few dishes.. Lar.. peanut dude! So farking easy because a master chef I am! I even baked some cucur to eat kah kah kah! Damn.. it’s really boring when you are alone.. so I keep finding things to do hehe.. like playing futsal..things like that.

Ok here are the photos. Food photos yeah… yesterday’s lunch!

 fried rice + luncheon meat

Fried Rice + Luncheon Meat

 Fried Rice!

Fried Rice!!

Luncheon Meat

 Luncheon Meat

Syrup + The Star

Sarsi syrup + The Star paper


Cucur ikan bilis! (Dried anchovies muffins? lol.. lol…)


~ by bongkersz on November 25, 2006.

7 Responses to “Thou Shall Not Neglect Your Blog”

  1. and shopping? are u sure???!! that’s so not true πŸ˜›

  2. oh how you kura-kura know that’s so not true?? πŸ˜›

  3. simply bcos..i know πŸ˜› hahaha

  4. you must be stalking her then kura-kura. Not a good thing to do. kura-kura you act in ninja turtle?

  5. wooo…. sorry bong for not visiting in a quite a while… hehe! continue shopping dude! .. i mean writing… hehe

  6. dude .. resumer? ha ha ha .. hopefully I will get a job here. Damn boring ah u .. that’s why .. go back la. Ha ha ha .. talking about other half .. hai … life is so much less than ordinary these days hor .. I just finished casino royale .. not bad dude! should watch .. maybe you have watched .. yup agreed, saving private ass is a damn good movie .. same with green mile. I like Tom Hanks .. he’s cool and a great actor.

  7. oink : thanks dude πŸ˜› so you went to kenny’s birthday bash not?

    cibol : not yet watch casino royale hahaha! maybe later, when I have someone to join me hehehhehe. I have fetish for war movies.. seems like πŸ˜€

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