Kena tagged meh!

This Cibolgot nothing better to do, tagged me pulak.. so, be a sporting friend I am, layan jer la..

4 things many don’t know:

  • I was addicted to soccer gambling (Thank God I managedto stop for good)
  • I once kena suspended from school/hostel for 2 weeks.(KTDTH Bujang, Miri)
  • I used to be a famous barber (KTDTH Bujang,Miri)
  • Idig Spongebob Squarepants

4 movies I could watch over and over:

  • Fight Club(> 5 times)
  • Saving Private Ryan(> 5 times)
  • Enemy at the Gate( > 5 times)
  • Swordfish(> 3 times)

4 places where I havelived::

  • Hokkien Road, Miri(’82-’90)
  • Hua Tai Road No. 2- (’90-’94)
  • Tanjong Lobang, Miri – my 5 years in Miri – staying at hostel
  • Taman PulaiUtama- another 5 years – uni. time

4 TV shows I love:

  • Prison Break
  • Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Gilmore Girls (Yes I know, I know.. :P)
  • Crime Scene Investigation (C.S.I)

4 places I have been for vacation:

  • Langkawi
  • Genting Highland
  • Desaru
  • Pangkor Island(sempit nya pemandangan.. when go out from Malaysiawargh.. wargh…)

4 places I would rather be:

  • Sarawak – food, environment, loved one…
  • KL – nightlife??
  • Any island – lepak on the beaches.. fuh
  • Skudai – I don’t know why but…yeah..

4 favourite songs:

  • 3 Doors Down – Here Without You
  • Puddle of Mud -Blurry
  • Metallica- Nothing Else Matters
  • Blur – Coffee & TV

4 of my favourite food: (Cibol – dude, you miss out this one?)

  • Telur Dadar
  • Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin
  • Tomato Sauce Kuay Teow
  • Kuching Kolok Mee

That’s it. Now who to tag? No idea.. think about it later..


~ by bongkersz on October 27, 2006.

2 Responses to “Kena tagged meh!”

  1. should have included kampua ehh … that’s yummy!!!

  2. kolok mee > kampua you know 😀 go try it in kuching 😛

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