What so difficult?

†What the fuss with this 18.9% and 45% Bumiputras†equity onwership shiet? On one hand we have our government (Economy Planning Unit – EPU) said it’s 18.9% and on the other hand we have Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute- ASLI†said it’s 45%. Both sides have their arguments, the government said the finding by ASLI only based on evaluation of publicly-listed firms – 1000 companies compared to 600, 000 companies nationwide done by EPU, government-linked companies (GLCs) should not be attributed to bumiputras bla bla…. and ASLI defended the study (only after that to be retracted by Mirzan Mahathir -ASLI president. Typical.. no need to elaborate on this) that the methodology adopted by EPU in estimating the equity ownership is seriously flawed, unrealistic and thus resulted in under estimation of the Bumiputras equity ownership figure – 18.9%. So who is right… who is wrong?

I†don’t care who is right or wrong. The poor Malay still poor, the poor Chinese still poor, the poor Indian still poor. Only certain groups of people benefited from the NEP. But, what so difficult? Since both sides insisted that they are right in their computation, just publish the basis of their computation and compare. Whether EPU or ASLI is correct, let the experts be the judge. Make public the method they used to get at those figures. The question is the will and courage to do it. What so secretive? And what so sensitive? This issue sensitive? Cheebuy, everything seems to be sensitive nowadays.. komunis sensitive, marginalised sensitive.. sugar sensitive.. I’m damn sick of this sensitive sensitive shiet.. Me not Mat Sentimental, don’t give a shit what sensitive not. Tak main lah sensitif sensitif ni.. awwww! Ingat bapuk ke?? And why we need to be told what to speak, to watch or to hear? We are mature enough to know what is right or wrong and to†have our own opinions even if it’s shitty. So what? Only a pea-brain moron will use ‘sensitive’ as an excuse to not talk about an issue.. Stop dissing out ‘Isu ini sensitif, itu sensitif’ shits… I’m going to puke everytime I hear that… Don’t you? Say TAK NAK to sensitive!


~ by bongkersz on October 13, 2006.

One Response to “What so difficult?”

  1. betul!betul!;p…Malaysia ma…cannot lari..the pemimpin also tak nak rasa tergugat..hahaha….”PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN”..errkk…thats sensitive to me (becoz i don’t feel so)..juz a bit la..no war..kikikikik..

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