Hazy ..everything hazy..

To quote from Jeffooi’s Screenshot ‘Haze is now an annual affair that is more certain than the monthly menstrual cycle. ‘ How true… Don’t know about you guys, but I’m farking fed up with this re-occurence of haze. I experienced the most severe haze back in 1997, when Sarawak forced to call for emergency curfew (darurat) back then. Now that I’m working in KL (yes it’s prety hazy everyday here.. be it hazy season or not, so kinda get used to it) but, to think of my parent back in hometown.. I feel for them. It was reported that that Air Pollution Index for Sarikei on average about 200+ for the past few  days, so it must be pretty bad there. (As usual, the reported value is always lower than it is supposed to be.. yeah yeah.. we understand, don’t scare the tourist.. not good for the tourism industry.. fark that!) Why we are so impotent in tackling this issue? And why this time there’s no protest in front of Indonesian embassy? Why the double standard? Go burn their flag! For them causing this hazy situation… Like we did before.. we protested when Israel attacked Lubnan, we protested over the pope statement, we protested when Lee Kuan Yew brought up the marginalised issue… why we never protest when Indonesia not looking serious in tackling the haze? Where are the Mat Gemilang-s, especially the head? Cheebuy.. Kami perlukan anda, di mana anda???

Ok, we are not putting enough pressures on Indonesia to act, but to suggest something like having a haze fund??? WTF?? Enough of causing damage to us, our health,  our tourism sector, now we want to give out money to them???? Ridiculous shiet!! Read for yourself…

 “Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the haze was a complex issue where the resources to fight the forest fires in Indonesia was limited, while the much-needed tools to effectively put out the large tracts of forest fires were costly. 

“We have been discussing among the members, but we have yet to reach a consensus on the setting up of a haze fund. 

“Right now, one of the most needed equipment would be the water bombers, which are expensive aircraft, but would help alleviate or at least reduce the haze problem,” he said after presenting tithes from Bank Rakyat to 1,000 single mothers and orphans in the district at the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Convention Hall here on Saturday.  “

What so complicated? Tackle the source lah.. go for the cause.. Ini simple punya thing also don’t know. Prevention better than cure, said the wise man. Wasting money putting out the fires, better use to catch the culprits..


~ by bongkersz on October 10, 2006.

8 Responses to “Hazy ..everything hazy..”

  1. Check out Sarikei website at http://sarikei-time-capsule.blogspot.com/
    If you like it, pls tell your Sarikei friends

  2. sure, no problem! 🙂

  3. tell me la .. im your bintulu frens .. he he he ..

  4. haha! 😀

  5. yea…this haze thing sucks…
    it’s like so never gonna go away!


    I thought the 1997 haze was the 1st and last…
    I mean…haze happened and it was not good and when things aren’t good ppl(as in those with the authority) make sure they don’t reoccur…rite?

    so why we still have haze almost 10 years later?!

  6. owh .. it’s like economic downturn .. it’s every 10 freakin years .. 2007 will be the year .. watch out … get a job now and stay there!! Don’t be like me .. ha ha ha

  7. ehh…haze not every 10 years one…its like EVERY year!

    ya ka economic downturn? dont laa…
    i’m still lost abt my future rite now…
    ive only sent like 1 resume…
    i’m looking fwd to christmas n thinking gettin a job aft d hols…
    dats 2007 oledi.


  8. Me too .. 2007 .. I’m coming home .. I’m coming home for christmas .. in fact earlier than that

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