Just another singer

So Suki won the One In A Million contest. Not really a big suprise, quite predictable although I backed Faizal to win after saw his last performance which is really good. And did he lose to Suki by a tiny margin of 5%! Suki collected 39% of the votes and Faizal 34 % of the votes. Faizal, he must be like ..’*%&!!?>>**&&!’ hehe. Missed that one million.. so close yet so far. It’s really argumentative whether with this kind of talent search reality show.. you will really find a good, talented singer or will the one with real talent win or the one that’s popular with the crowd will win. And looking at the past results, seems like those who are more popular with the crowd.. won.After all, it’s the crowd that supported and voted for the person will buyhis/her album. An artist only can survive if his/her album are selling well.

Suki – She can sing, that’s for sure. But I don’t see her as a future artist.. judging from her performance and choices of songs. She doesn’t has the essence and style that’s ‘her’ – to sell to the people. Most probably people vote her because she’s cute, adorable.. and that’s all. Maybe it’s good afterall, grooming a new artist from scratch… zero.. will be easier than someone that already has his/her own style.

Faizal – Got style, just sometimes sticking to his style too much – every song also = rock, must scream in order to sing??.. Good to have his own brand of music, just then maybe he can only attracts his niche of the market.

Alif – Atthatyoung age and beamong the finalist, he must be something. I don’t find his performance good enough for him to become future artist, but people just like him. He’s likeable, cute? (for the ladies….not me). He’sthe male version of Suki. Both getting their votes, by charming the crowd, not really by their performances.

So we will see in the future whether the winner of One In A Million can stay for long in the entertainment industry 🙂 Congratulation to Suki.. and all the best!


~ by bongkersz on September 23, 2006.

5 Responses to “Just another singer”

  1. I vote for her though .. he he he .. I voted out alif .. to be honest, faizal is a better singer .. yesss .. but again. Do you see any of these malaysian reality tv stars make it big? – mawi is different la. He’s a phenomenal wave .. fuckin bastard idiot is so lucky .. if ayu and zai is in the us .. the niggaz out there are going to love them man .. they’ve got the edge .. don’t remind me of this competition .. im so … depressed .. ha ha ha

  2. yalah dude was hoping you make it big, then i can kena the tempias bwahahaha!

  3. Archie,
    No wonder Faizal didn’t win…YOU voted for HER!

    I agree sometimes Faizal stick to his style too much but that’s what makes him HIM..his own identity. And its forgivable. He just has the “aura” of being the “Star” from the beginning. He’s still the winner in my books…and if I’m buying anyone’s album,its gonna be his.=)

    Yes…Alif is cute…but I vote by talent(Faizal)..not looks(Suki/Alif)

  4. haha! yes no doubt faizal got talent and the ‘aura’. And it’s sad he lose by just so little margin 😦 😦

  5. yea…sad sad sob sob huhuhu…=(

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