Road Pest

Just back from fetching Ame to airport. She has an interview this afternoon in Kuching, so I take leave for today šŸ˜€ (Lazyness syndrome again.. bah! Anyway I got plenty of leave left, so make good use of it -like writing a blog?? kah kah kah!) So, when I was driving back from LCCT, on the road I saw this white Kancil car. I was drivingĀ in the fast lane, and this Kancil was in front of me… running maybe 60 km/hr?? And what the fark this Kancil doing in the fast lane? So I signalled to the left and overtake the car. When I looked to the right at the Kancil.. Damn, an auntie.. ugly and fat.. (yeah I’m good at spotting ugly people with ugly behaviours.. there’re everywhere on the road in Malaysia. Er, she’s really fat..because she blocked the whole side windscreen with her body.. and poor car, driven her around..sob sob..) was talking on her mobile phone!!! WTF!!!! Driving in the fast lane at 60km/hr, talking on the phone!! And, no, she was not using handsfree to talk. Dumb, ignorant pest! She might get herself killed for doing that.. oh good if only herself get killed, butĀ sheĀ also endangerĀ other road users. Selfish dumbass, if she want to die, go somewhere else where there’s no living thing around and die there, but please, not on the road.. Really not a suprise that accident rate in Malaysia so high with these people on the road. Road pests… they should be exterminated..Ā 

Oh yea, no offence to lady drivers, but from my observations, they are bit selfish on the road.. like this morning.. (almost every morning) this auntie.. (auntie again.. fark!) when she saw me giving signal to go out from the parking compound to the main road, she purposely accelerated her car. blocking my way out. ??? Why? Slow down and give way only took her less than 10 secs ( maybe 2-3Ā secs since my skills so good :P). And because I’m damn annoyed every morning kena blocked like that.. (out of 10 times.. 8 times it’s the lady driver did that and yes I counted) I alsoĀ went faster.. because I saw her start accelerating.. I just make the turn, pretended I didn’t see her car.. muahahahaha! Eat that you slow muthafucka!! Eat that! And, yes she backed off.. haha! (See? It’s hard to be a real gentleman on the road, because if you do that, you will stuck at that spot.. forever..) Most of the time, I will wait and.. yeah, most of the time it’sĀ male driver that give way, slowing down, giving me few secs to come out from the parking compound. (Only this morning me damn tulan.. because… that auntie really did that on purpose.. she was quite a distance from the junction where I was and when she saw my car coming out.. she accelerated!I just did a quick turn in front her.. forced my way out. Not a good thing to do yea.) Really.. I’m dumbfounded by this.. Girl supposed.. (supposed… k?) to be gentle, kind.. tolerance.. but become monster on the road! Why?? Tell me why..


~ by bongkersz on September 14, 2006.

2 Responses to “Road Pest”

  1. he he….saudara bong…be patient….u would never clear all these basket on the road…..M’sia Boleh!!! Pemandu Msia boleh!!!

  2. wah saudara kong siong, tak sangka saudara sudi meninggalkan komen di belog saya ini šŸ˜€

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