Accident Again :(

Remember I blogged about my previous accident? I was knocked by this girl driving Waja, about a year ago? Yeah, I involved in an accident again 😦 This time’upgraded’ – knocked by a lorry 😀 This happened last Wednesday (30/08/2006) morning. I was riding my motorbike back from Bukit Jelutong after collecting submission drawings and letter from Fire Rescue Department. It started to rain as I came out from the department and getting heavier. So I decided to stop somewhere to take shelter from the rain. I saw a bus stop on the other side of the road so I decided to make a U-turn at the traffic light in front. Looking in my side mirror, saw a lorry about 7-8 metres behind me, so I signalled to the right. Halfway in the middle of the road… heard the brake sound SCREEEEKKKK!!!! and BAM!!! Oh my god!! The lorry knocked me!! (Stunned for a while.. at that very moment, cheebuy, I am going to die langgar by lorry..I thought) And I fall down, one leg pinned under my bike. And I realised I was safe! Tak mati lagi! :DJust minor scratches on my arms and quite nasty wounds on my left leg – knee part. My motorbike a bit in bad shape, the front rim twisted a bit to the side, the side mirror, left and back signal lights broken, scratches on the cover. The drawings and letter, covered in plastic bag fall on the road. The 1st thing I did- ask for a new plastic bag from the lorry driver lol… lol.. The lorry was on his way to sendmarket Iguess, saw lots of vegetables at the back of the lorry. Talked a while with the driver and his partner, bla bla.. he will pay for the repair and medical fees. (I did feel a bit guilty, it’s not entirely his fault, it was raining and I thought I couldmove to the other right side of the road in time, but no. Lucky that he braked and hit me not that hard, if not I’m not writing this now 😀 ) Then he drove away and I took shelter at the bus stop. Made some calls to the office, told my boss I took leave for the day. (He kinda shocked heard that I was knocked by a lorry. Sorry boss, I’ll be extra careful after this). After the rain stopped, rode my bike back to my condo, took ashower thenwalkedtoa clinic nearby. (Luckily that my bike stillwork, if not… 😦 😦 pushed all the way back?? crazy shiet..)And today sent the bike for repair, cost me RM 137 😦 😦

pic – me on the right side of the road moving to the traffic light, lorry behind

Pic – Bam!! Kena hit by lorry 😦 😦

So the lesson is never take chance with your life. Luck is not always on your side. Pesanan oleh Kementerian Pengangkutan Dan Jalan. Cheers guy! Drive safely!


~ by bongkersz on September 3, 2006.

5 Responses to “Accident Again :(”

  1. wat a “careful” driver..muahahahhahahaha

  2. cis, menyindir nampak.. 😀

  3. Yep moral police here too and the kinds who do it uninvited. LOL @ the men’s comment on dating sites!

    Thanks for coming along.
    promise to read your blog sometime. Tadf busy at the moment.
    technology had me ambushed.recuperating! 😀

  4. Really nice and interesting website. Thank you a lot! Please visit my site too:

  5. Very notorious driving. Should have waited for the lorry to clear.

    I had my share of motorbike, I know how small it felt.

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